Huge Toadstall!

Popped into Pulborough for a brief stroll on a windy Sunday (11th) evening. Loads of geese coming in to roost and goldfinches feeding on thistle seeds, but the most impressive thing was a huge toadstall near "Redstart Corner". My Boy's Book of Fungi suggests it is a Parasol, but if any mycologists can confirm from the photo, i'd be most grateful.



"Sussex Simon"

  • Hello Sussex Simon!

    It's a magnificent thing isn't it and yes, it is a Parasol.  I found a bright yellow 'chicken of the woods' fungus growing on one of the oaks on the way down to Nettley's hide yesterday.  The heathland and woodland trail is often good for fungi - I'm currently creating a set of fungi top trump cards that we can use out there. Essentially the slimiest, smelliest and most toxic ones get the high scores!