Another snake in the grass

Hi folks

My 2 boys had no school on the 28th due to an inset day and as they have never seen an Adder we popped down to the brooks to see what we could see. As we walked down "Adder Alley" there was a group of school children in front of us who had obviously already found an Adder as there was complete silence and they were all snapping away taking picture of it. This is the one they saw just curled up warming it self up in the sun.


We walked on a few more yards and my youngest spotted this little beauty who was a bit more active as it moved off after he managed to just get a couple of photos.


Considering how rare Adders are becoming now, well done all those work work at Pulborough Brooks for maintaining a good enviroment for Adders to thrive, its also great to see youngsters having a chance to see this wonderful reptile.



Regards Shane


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