ADDER a great day out at Pulborough Brooks.

7 March 2011 3:38 PM


Hi Folks

I finished my last night shift this morning and the sun was already out so there was no way I was going to bed, I had read over night that the adders had started to show themselves at Pulborough Brooks so thats where I decided to go. I will do my pictures in the order of the walk around the reserve and as a little bit extra I managed to get three short video clips as well so links to those will be posted at the end.

First thing I came to as I left the visitors centre was this lovely Dunnock singing it heart out.

There were lots of Fallow deer around.


I spotted a pair of Long Tailed Tits starting to build their nest you can just make out the start of it below the bird, this was in the same stretch of hedge along "adder alley" (as its known on the reserve) as I got shots of a long Tailed tit in its finished nest last year. I wonder if the presence of all the adders keeps away possible rodent predators such as mice?

ADDER ALLEY'S famous residents.

My attention was drawn away from the adders as this flew over, possibly widgeon? any way back to the adders.


I saw 4 adders in a 50 yard stretch, the last one was the most active and I was surprised how quick they can move, I guess now this one had warmed up in the sun it was ogg hunting.

Just some of the many waterfowl on the brooks.


More Fallow's notice the difference in colouration especially around the tail.

The view from near the entrance to the reserve looking West.

A couple of Sparrows for their greatest fan ;o) and anyone else who loves them (that will be most of us).



First 2 videos are of the adders and the last one was a quick video of the Long Tailed Tits building there nest I didnt stay long as I didnt want to disturb them.

I hope you enjoy my day out as much as I did.


Accept that some days you are the pigeon, and some days you are the statue.

Regards Shane


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