Hi everyone, does anyone know what is the best time of year/best time of day to see the Peregrine? i've been to the Brooks a few times now and haven't yet laid eyes on it


  •  Hi Wondering Wader,

     Don't know what time the Peregrine is around at P B but there is a pair around on the tall Lloyds Bank building near Durrington station not far from PB,seen here on the north side.Might be worth a visit if your in the area.Heres some pics of them in another thread

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    Hi Eden,

    Thank you very much for that :) i live in Hampshire but i visit Pulborough and the surrounding area quite regularly so i'll be sure to check out the bank area!



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    Best place to see the peregrine is from the hanger viewpoint - a female regularly sits in the large willow at the bottom of the slope from the viewpoint. Mornings are often best, but it is very much pot-luck when she is there. Good luck!

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    Thanks Pete

    I will be sure to spend a bit of time at the hanger when I next visit!

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    I agree with Pete that early mornings are generally best. She often disappears after her breakfast! That said, on Sunday just gone she was present all afternoon and instead of sitting in her usual perch easily seen from the Hanger she was tucked round the corner and more easily seen from the trail behind Little Hanger (look right ot the big willow) or from Nettleys hide (look left to the big willow). Peregrines will also sit out in the open (often on small raised mounds like mole hills) on the South or North Brooks - a scope is helpful here.  

    Jon Winder - RSPB Volunteer

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    Thanks for the advice John

    I've been looking at a few scopes recently - although i think i need to save a bit of money first! Hopefully coming down to Pulborough at the weekend - will try the all the suggested areas


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    Hi All,

    Thought we'd share a couple of photos we took of a dinner guest we had in our back garden (London Road, Pulborough) on Sunday (20th Feb):


    She (or he?) spent nearly an hour with us, suffice to say we were all mesmerised. 

    Although we're members and regularly visit the Brooks we're very much beginners...... At first we thought this beautiful bird was a Peregrine or may be a Sparrow Hawk  - wondering if anyone could help identify?

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    Great photos - it is indeed a sparrowhawk, probably a female.

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    Thank you so much Sam for your reply. 

    The photos are stills taken using our camcorder - has a better zoom than the cameras (we watched from behind an upstairs bedroom window).