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I've just posted the following to Facebook, in the hope of gathering some UK wide information regards freely accessible, non-commercial wildlife hides. Feels like something that could be interest to a large group of people, and I've time on my hands at present. Any information you could provide (either on hides themselves, or on the information gathering approach I am adopting) would be greatly appreciated




I'm trying to pull a list together of all non-commercial, freely accessible wildlife hides in the country. 
Initially for my own purposes (I really enjoy spending time in wildlife hides but I'm sure there are many that I simply am not aware of). 
I suspect however that such a list would be of interest to a wider audience, and once I have a sizeable data set then I would consider how best it could be shared.

I have written to RSPB, Forestry Commission, Wildlife Trust, Natural Resource Wales and so far it would appear that such a list is not readily available. I wonder if you good people of FB could 
a) provide me with any information that would be of use on any local wildlife hides, and
b) share so that any more of your contacts with similar interests could do the same.

This may come to nothing, but nothing ventured nothing gained. I've some time on my hands at the moment and this feels like something worthwhile

To get things moving, off the top of my head, locally.....

RSPB Newport Wetland (Uskmouth) - 1 hide
RSPB Newport Wetland (Goldcliff) - 4 hides
RSPB Nagshead, Forest of Dean - 2 hides
GWT Magor Marsh - 1 hide

  • Forest Farm, North of Cardiff - 3 hides


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    Great idea Terry, might it also be a good idea to include some grid refs or location map?

    John www.reflectingme.com
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    Or better still, create a Google Map containing 'pins' at the location of each hide!

    John www.reflectingme.com
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    Kenfig Dunes and Pond - 2 hides (on opposite sides of the pond)

    John www.reflectingme.com
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    It should be possible to look at each RSPB reserve's info on here as a starter for 10.  There's normally a map with hides marked, or reference to them in the "Facilities" section.  Wildlife Trust sites likely have similar.  Just thinking that trying to collate a list from scratch is probably harder than trawling the known hide-providers' websites to start with, using people's suggestions of less well known hides to fill the gaps


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    Terry this is an awesome idea !! John has posted the ones I was going to suggest but I'd love to know how and where to access this info please

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    Its going to take me a long time to pull all of this together, I suspect there are high hundreds if not low thousands of locations to register. I hope I haven't bitten off more than I can chew but I'm looking forward to the challenge at the moemnt (early days lol!)

    My plan would be for a very basic app to access the data that I am collating, but I would prefer this to be a near cost neutral project so it may end being the publication of an excel spreadsheet

    I also need to ensure that there are no issues in publishing this information so will need to discuss with Wildlife Trusts, WWT, RSPB, Forestry Commission etc to make sure that they have no issues. I would imagine that it would be in their interests in publicising their facilities, but I'm not about to take any chances

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    Cosmeston lakes - Cardiff has one hide and several viewing platforms overlooking the "wilder" East Lake plus boardwalks and viewing points though the reed beds.

    There are also complete lists available of the Wildlife Trust and RSPB Reserve sites in Garmin and Tomtom Satnav POI format which may help with locations

    Best regards

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