A Sunny Monday, with first Cuckoo seen this year.

A beautifully sunny day on the reserve last Monday and lots to see.

We headed for the Bittern Hide but stopped a little short of that when we saw two people sitting on the nearby bench looking up. They were watching Hobbies passing over the trees, often quite low and sometimes hovering in the breeze giving better than usual chances of a photograph.

They appeared to be feeding on St Mark's Flies, this one appears to be about to eat one.

The views of Hobbies weren't as close in the Bittern Hide, but this Common Tern came quite close.

Much of the time we were in the hide we could hear a Cuckoo not far off and just as people were saying they wished they could see it it flew right in front of the hide and landed briefly in a tree in front of the hide.

On the path to the sluice a Reed Bunting.

Down on the dunes a handsome Wheatear.

From East Hide a pair of Moorhens in Spring mood.

Other local residents were curious.

On the way back to the visitor Centre, a Green Woodpecker.

These were just the highlights of a lovely day on the reserve and one of only a handful of times we've managed to see and hear a Cuckoo.

Best Wishes,