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Being a frequent visitor to Kinnordy i feel that the location could benefit with the pine trees in the mid left area where the crows nest being chopped down and a hide being built there, the hide would benefit members when photographing / observing the marsh harriers.

I personally feel that photographing from the Gullery is just beyond the reach if you know what i mean, other than this the site and existing hides are in superb A1 condtion, keep up the good work.

PS does anyone know how i can get a hold of the Warden for the Loch ?

  • thanks for uploading ur photos from today i spoke to u outside at info board in car park.  the best to get in contact with warden is probably throught her page on this site.

    that is good idea about the hide but's long term project

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    Re - Pictures, no probs, anytime i get anything decent i will post them.

    Where is the wardens page on here ??

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    Being only an occasional visitor to Kinnordy, I was not aware that Marsh harriers were local. How nice! Must try to visit soon.

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    FifeBirder if u look on the blog warden name is kim

    we might be starting a saturday volunteer group soon

    ClaireM : the best place to see marsh harriers is from gullery hide between reeds and brick building