Two Ospreys spent an hour fishing at the reserve end of the lake today [ 11/08/2012 ] from around 8pm. They dived many times for fish and caught a few. The birds sometimes dived from at least 100ft completely submerging when they hit the water. As it was really dim and they were quite far away I am afraid my photos are rather poor.


  • I was watching one circling over the loch yesterday afternoon as well, it must've been flying above the loch for almost an hour. It was right over the far side unfortunately, so the photos I took show it just as a little dot in the sky!

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    Hopefully they will be back this weekend when I am next up - and pose for us!

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    I was interested to read that osprey have been seen at Loch Leven two years ago. Are there any fishing in the Loch just now?  Have you been able to see whether any have Darvic rings on, and if so what the number(s) might be?

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    I seen your post Sheila but I can't' say if the Ospreys are there this year or not. We saw them there last year but with the Loch being so big the birds are often very far away which makes it very difficult to see if they are ringed or not. Hopefully someone with more recent information may pick up on this thread and maybe be able to advise you better. We visit the Loch now and again and if I hear anything about the Ospreys when I'm next there I'll post anything I learn from the staff there.


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    There have been a couple of Ospreys seen over the past fortnight, but no regular sightings.

    As Paul has said, due to the distance involved, it's not possible to determine the presence of rings on them.