Wader heaven




The new wetland project is coming along nicely, with the majority of the work closest to the loch complete. The middle hide (Waterston) is open once again with a new and improved view - flat, bare earth, perfect for waders. We'll hopefully attract some passing migrants in the next few weeks, but, until then, flocks of curlew and lapwing are making the most of the easily available food. New ditches are in place to help move the water to the terraces in key periods and work is continuing in front of the 3rd hide, reshaping the main flood into 2 smaller pools and bringing the water closer to the hide.

A flock of over 600 Greylag geese flew from the reserve into the loch this morning, along with the Ross's goose and around 60 Barnacle and Canada geese. The lower loch level of the past week has exposed some sandy areas around the loch edge providing ideal areas to spot waders - a lone greenshank on the west of the reserve and 82 lapwing in Vane Bay this morning. Mute numbers remain high on the loch, with flocks gathering to moult.