Eagle at Loch Leven 14/03/2011

Really exciting at Loch Leven today. The WT eagle X has been seen in all quarters of Loch Leven today.

It was seen at Vane this morning then at Grahamstone on the east shore later on. While passing Kinnesswood it was in a field only 20 metres away. As I pulled up next to it the eagle took off briefly landing in the next field then soaring around Loch Levens larder. After that it was over the fields along the south west corner before going to roost on Castle Island. I managed to get a quick shot with my i-phone as it crossed the road. Great views!

I'd give up all this wildlife watching for a season ticket for my beloved Bristol Rovers

  • Great pic! Lucky you :-)

    I saw one of them near Vane Farm just after sunrise on Christmas morning, my pic is a bit rubbish though - it was too far away and misty :( 

    Yellow Z tagged eagle flew just above my garden not long after he was released last year, will never forget it, I don't expect to ever have such a close-encounter as that again!

    ~ Karen ~
    Pet & Widlife Artist living in southern Perthshire. A self confessed White-Tailed Eagle-holic!