SUMMARY of Black Jaguar's (Brians) Charity Cycle from Loch Garten to Rutland Water

Note: Please do not post in this thread and keep it as a Summary of the Great Event - Thank You!

Lets see if we can come together and raise a bit of money for the Osprey Centre.

I am making an appeal to all of you Osprey lovers.  I have read that the LG community is over 600 strong, lets say that there are 150/200 active posters or lurkers.. if everyone donated say £10. I'd imagine that the centre would be able to put £1500/£2000 to very good use.


On the 23rd April I will be setting off from Loch Garten on my bike, just me my gear and my bike no support or following vehicle, and on the Sunday after that is the 29th April I will roll into Rutland Water.(possibly right into Rutland I'm still putting finishing touches to my route and will post it as soon as it is done.

So come on folks, as a well known supermarket would say "every little helps".

Here is the Link to the Just Giving Page I have set up..

Black Jaguars Charity Cycle

Hi everyone..

Here's a wee summary of my route..

Day 1.23/4... Early train from Glasgow Queen Street. 07:06 arriving Aviemore 09:47. Cycle to Loch Garten. I hope to be at LG around 10:30. If, as I hope, some of you manage to be at the start that would be brilliant and a wee chat with you then off at 11:00. Destination,  Pitlochry. a distance of around 65 miles.

Day 2.24/4... Pitlochry, via Vane Farm, Loch Leven and The Forth Bridge to Edinburgh approx. 90 miles.

Day 3.25/4... Edinburgh, over the border to Alnwick.. approx 85 miles.

Day 4.26/4... Alnwick, into North Yorkshire to Osmotherly. I think this will be a tough day another 90 miles approx.

Day 5.27/4... Osmotherly to Hull. approx 75 miles.

Day 6.28/4... Hull via The Humber Bridge to Boston, the terrain should be flattening out here so I hope to make good time.. 85 miles approx.

Day 7.29/4... Boston to Rutland Water. 40 miles approx Here the Challenge ends and I can relax. I still have 20 ish miles to Peterborough. Then for fun and to visit relatives and maybe meet up with Sugar, I'm off to Norwich on the Monday 30/4.. approx 80 miles.

3rd of May Train back to Glasgow from Norwich and cycle home.. back to work on the 5th...

All for one and one for all

Just Giving... Charity Cycle Donate here.... please  :-)

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  • DAY 1 – MONDAY 23 APRIL, 2012

    Posted by black jaguar

    on 23 Apr 2012 6:51 AM

    Good morning everyone...Thank you one and all for your good wishes and good luck messages..

    Well with the total donations standing well over £1000.. I have certainly a lot to live up to.

    I am honoured and humbled that you have all put your money and faith in me to complete this challenge I have set for myself.

    I will post here my intended route for each day.. June, you and your streetwalkers, can follow me through the towns. I would love to see some of you on my way for a quick chat or if you fancy pedalling along for a while even better.

    So here goes...

    I left home this morning at 05:25 and cycled the 18 miles into Glasgow. There is no train from Alexandria or Dumbarton that would get me to Glasgow Queen Street early enough to board the 07:06 departure for Aviemore.  I am now at QueenStreet Station waiting for that train

    As long as the train is on time I will be in Aviemore around 09:50. I will cycle out to Loch Garten and expect to arrive there around 10:30. I hope to see some of you there, my plan is to leave at 11:00.

    The route for today is pretty straight forward... LG to Boat of Garten.. Follow the cycle route beside the Strathspey Steam Railway to Aviemore. Then follow the B9152 to Kingussie and the A86 to Newtonmore.. From there I will join the national cycle route 7 which pretty much runs next to the A9 I will follow this over the Pass of Drumochter through Blair Atholl through the Pass of Killiecrankie and into Pitlochry.

    Distance today

    Alexandria to Glasgow.  18miles.

    Aviemore to Loch Garten 7.5 miles.

    Loch Garten to Pitlochry 56.5 miles.

    TOTAL TODAY.  82 MILES.".  


    Posted by black jaguar

    on 23 Apr 2012 7:39 PM

    Hi folks, firstly an apology....

    In my excitement to be on the road I managed to forget to with a good day to all our English followers on this the festival day of St.George..... Has wonder boy gone AWOL.. EJ was sitting happily on the nest at 11:15 this morning.. I saw her.

    Anyway here is a wee tale of how things went today..

    4:45 am alarm... Up I get and put the already packed bags onto the bike..

    After the usual morning stuff. I'm on my way... The train leaves at 7:06.. No connection safe enough to use.. Can't afford to miss it so I cycle into Glasgow... It's freezing cold and I get brain freeze through my helmet..

    A coffee on the train warns me up. A lady gets on and sits beside me. It's busy.. We get chatting I have made a tee shirt with RSPB logo and a map showing the two places.

    Turns out she's not an RSPB fan.. She thinks the buzzards are killing off the red squirrels..

    Now we are at perth station a girl sits opposite, she is listening to the chat and introduces herself.. Afore mentioned membership manager of the John Muir trust... You could have floored me with a feather... June and most of the gabfest know how I worship this Scottish hero.... End of part one... Lol


    Posted by black jaguar

    on 23 Apr 2012 7:49 PM

    Part two... Aviemore station.. I get off load up again and set off for LG. I decided to use the cycle path by the strathspey railway.... Mistake... It's not surfaced and was so slow going because I was afraid of the P word. (no one say it)

    I arrive at LG a little bit late... A welcoming committee of staff, Richard, John, two Julie's.. And some others that have escaped me.. There were also a couple of well wishes from Peterborough, there by chance.. I had a couple of pictures taken Richardcsays for the local rag and he will also put them on the main blog...

    At 11:20 I set off.

    End of part two....


    Posted by black jaguar

    on 23 Apr 2012 8:07 PM

    Part three....

    In heavy drizzle I head down the column bridge road.. Lesson learned from part two.. The rain is getting heavier as I reach the ski road and need to find a dry place to stop and don waterproofs.. Ah the wee shelter opposite the Rothimurchus centre.. Some of you will know exactly where I am. Ernest another cyclist sheltering.. A wee chat, he's from Argentina... Touring and just goes with the flow... I tell him what I'm up to and he points at my shirt and says I've been there... Rutland...

    So off I set in now driving rain, luckily it's coming from behind me.. Two street walk towns now.. Kingussie, then Newtonmore. Getting hungry.. Fuel up stop in Newtonmore.

    Off I go and the dreaded A9 beckons.. There is a cycle track parallel with the road.. A god send.. Of sorts... It is not in great condition but hey anything is better than dicing with death with the lorries doing 60 odd mpbh.

    Up the dram ocher pass.. Stop at the top for a picture.. As luck would have it..  Lol three girls taking there own pics.. I ask if they would use my camera for me... Then they all wanted to take my picture... Lol

    Russians.. They were amazed at what I was doing.

    On I go now.. Heavy rain again and wet proofs back on.. Killiecrankie and the pass... Wow wasn't ready for that.. What a climb out of the village.. Oh forgot to mention street walk again Blair Atholl.. A lovely wee place..

    Before long Pitlochry comes in sight.. The youth hostel is on the hill over looking the town.. Up I go, check in and that is where I am now..

    It'll be bed time soon but I'll stay around a wee while to chat..

    End of day one..


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  • In reply to MaryGK:

    DAY 2 - TUESDAY APRIL  24, 2012

    Tomorrow takes me south out of the Highlands into what I believe to be one of the most amazing Capital cities in the world, Edinburgh... The view from Princes Street over the gardens to Edinburgh Castle is, to me, just amazing.

    First though there are some miles to cover and a huge river to cross.

    I will leave early in the morning, So south on the A9 or the national route 7 to Dunkeld with a wave to Lady at Loch of the Lowes as I go past and on into Perth. Once into the centre of town I  head towards the River Tay, follow the river out by Perth Prison and onto the A912 here the Friarton Bridge towers over the Tay.

    Now on the A912 through and past Bridge of Earn to the junction with the A91 a right turn to Milnathort then Kinross. Through Kinross on the B996 by the side of Loch Leven with a short detour to RSPB Vane Farm for a meeting with Mary GK, and probably lunch.. Mary if you can, txt me and i will be able to give you a better idea of the ETA.. Back on the B996 Into Kelty and pick up the B917 this turns into the B981 to Inverkeithing and carries on to the Forth Road Bridge.

    Getting off the bridge on the South side of the Forth looks to be a little bit garbled on my map but I think I need to head for Dalmeny and pick up national cycle route 1 into the centre of Edinburgh.

    Distance today.

    Pitlochry to Dunkeld.  12 miles

    Dunkeld to Perth. 15 miles

    Perth to Vane Farm. 21 miles

    Vane Farm to Edinburgh City Centre. 25 miles.


    Cafe @ Loch Leven with the sightings of all the birds written on the boards above.
    Loch Leven Car Park - He sets off in the rain
    And he is still smiling even in the rain!
    Last photo of Jag as he heads for the Forth Road Bridge!

    Posted by black jaguar

    on 24 Apr 2012 7:19 PM

    Hello folks...

    Been in Edinburgh since about 6pm... Tiger the tram project is causing chaos.. I've had to walk from hay market to the top of leith walk.. Anyway..

    I've just scanned the posts..thank you all for the continued support..  Mary, great meeting you and Tom.. Thanks for the pictures.. And the wee food parcel... And lunch... And the chat...

    Alan I saw the aftermath of the bus fire..  Thankfully all the kids were off safely.. Looked like an engine fire as it was all at the back.. I have a pic and will include it in my slide show eventually.. Ok shower time then I need to get a wi if connection so I can chat.. I'm on the 3G just now..

    Back soon.



    Posted by black jaguar

    on 24 Apr 2012 8:34 PM

    Hi all.. Sorry for the delay...

    Well that was a day of contrasts...

    I left a deserted Pitlochry at bang on 8:00 am. 

    No one around anywhere... I was thinking about just getting on the A9 and blasting into Perth.. Decided against that, such a fast flowing road.. I'd probably have either been wiped out or caused an accident .. So on to the sustrans cycle route.  

    It weaves around here and there, adding miles to what I thought was a pretty straight forward route. 

    Well I spoke to no one... Not a soul until I met Mary at loch Leven, I can tell you it was great to see her and Tom, the hour or so off the bike did me good and I carried on into Edinburgh in much better spirits. 

    Thank you again Mary. 


    Posted by black jaguar

    on 24 Apr 2012 8:39 PM

    Here are a couple of nice places for the streetwalkers...

    Pitcairn green looked nice, a very small village with a nice village green..

    Of course Dunkeld the home of lady,

    And then Perth.. Now the funny thing about Perth.. I think it is in a big hole.. You have to go up hill to get away from the place but never seem to come down the other side.


    Posted by black jaguar

    on 24 Apr 2012 8:44 PM

    So guys as I cycled along the route came close to then away again from the A9.. It went through some wee towns the best of which I have mentioned above..It also went through forrests and woodland and by farms, I lost count of how many pheasants I'd seen. I ended up coming into Perth on the banks of the river almond.. A nice wee salmon river..

    The track was wet and narrow and muddy..

    End of part (is it four) lol


    Posted by black jaguar

    on 24 Apr 2012 8:50 PM

    Part five..

    Through Perth in sunshine.. Oh the wet proofs have been on and off all day.

    Up out of Perth and into bridge of Earn.. Another one to street walk. Then the hill mary had warned me about last night.. A wee devil.. 3full miles of climbing.. And the rain was back on.. Still as I reached the top of Glen Farg.. I could see the expanse of loch Leven in the distance..

    So it was sort of down hill.. Not too much to Kinross. I stopped here to call Mary as it was now passed 1pm. A blast along the side of the loch then a mile or so to the left.. Yippe.. Lunch time, Mary has already posted the pics and it was great to just sit and chat... Were any of your ears burning.. Lol

    End of part five.


    Posted by black jaguar

    on 24 Apr 2012 9:04 PM

    Part six then bed time..

    I left Mary and Tom in the car park at loch Leven.. They gave me a wee food parcel.. Apples chocolate, barly sugar sweets and some drinks.. Now I will say all of that came in useful..

    Anyway off I set in rain.. Not far up the road, the sun came out.. Wet proofs off again.. I reached Kelty. A and turned for hill'o beath.. CLOUDBURST... The wettest it has been so far.. Back on with the trousers.... Eventually I came to a big down hill, as I rounded a corner.. There it was gleaming in sunshine... A true engineering wonder.. The Forth Rail Bridge.. It was a distance away but I got a good picture.. The sun was out so off came the trousers again.. On now through Inverkeithing.. Up onto the forth rail bridge.. Awesome.. Still basking in now warm sunshine the image of the red rail bribe will stay with me for a long time.

    Off the road bridge and follow route 1to Edinburgh.. At some point along here.. Mary's gift of chocolate came into its own.. I hit the wall.. Just lost all energy.. In cycling terms it's known as bonking... A wee bar of chocolate sorted it.. So thanks again Mary.

    Into Edinburgh and I've mentioned the view.. Spoiled just now with the tram works.

    Tomorrow it's over the border to Alnwick.. Hearing the forecast I think I might need floats on the bike.

    End of part six.

    Route for tomorrow to follow.


    Posted by black jaguar

    on 24 Apr 2012 9:09 PM

    Folks I'm shattered.. I am off now to bed..

    Your thoughts and good wishes are very much appreciated.. I see you all having fun and a good chat and looking for songs..

    You are all making me smile and have a laugh as I go along..

    Long day into England tomorrow.

    Good nigh now,

    Jag X

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  • In reply to MaryGK:


    DAY 3 – WEDNESDAY 25 APRIL, 2012

    Here is todays route as best as I can plan it.

    Another pretty Early start...

    I leave Scotland's Capital and head for the Border.. I have a choice I can go directly through the Lammermuir Hills or I can head to the coast, both routes will be pretty spectacular..

    Decision made.. The costal route it is.. Probably a little longer than going through the hills but I think it will be a better looking route.. With the potential detour onto an Island via a tidal causeway...

    So out of Edinburgh by Portobello beach towards Musselburgh on the A1 to Haddington,  East Linton, and Dunbar ( June, the birth place of John Muir) Still with the A1 going south, pick up the A1107 looking for Eyemouth. Crossing into England just north of Berwick-upon-Tweed. Go through the town rather than bypass and collect national cycle route 1 again.  Depending on time and tide I may go over the causeway onto the Holy Island. Then just get back onto the A1 to Alnwick.

    Distance today.

    Edinburgh-Haddington-East Linton. 25 Miles

    East Linton to Berwick-upon-Tweed. 33Miles

    Berwick-upon-Tweed to Alnwick. 38 Miles



    Posted by black jaguar

    on 25 Apr 2012 8:19 PM

    Hello folks.. Just arrived at Alnwick... Oh what a day..

    Give me 20 mins or so and I will be back.



    Posted by black jaguar

    on 25 Apr 2012 9:12 PM

    Hi every one.. The story of today is in two parts...

    Firstly though.. Thank you all for your concern.. It's really nice to know so many people are thinking about me and that really drove me on today. So thank you all...

    Ok.. It all started so well.. Breakfast at 7:30 and that was delayed because the youth hostel was full og German & Dutch kids.. All very polite and he English they spoke was better than mine..

    So on my way at half past 8.. I had planned to use the costal cycle path but the wind was almost driving me to a stand still.. So I took the road from muscleburgh through haddington and on to Dunbar.. (John Muir again) this took longer than I thought because of the wind.. But it was dry and reasonably pleasant...

    End of part seven?


    Posted by black jaguar

    on 25 Apr 2012 9:23 PM

    Part eight..

    I sent maybe half an hour chatting to the young man in the John Muir house and museum.. Then a bit of lunch and back on the road.. Less than a mile in and it started.. Oh boy did it rain.. Not just that but the wind decided to join the party too..

    Now coming out of Edinburgh, the A1has motorway rules applied to it, no bikes no pedestrians no mopeds below 50cc.. So I was banned from it anyway.. By the time it gets passed Dunbar these restrictions are gone.. So I thought I would just get on e big road and go for Berwick on tweed... Oops... Not an inspired move.. The crosswind, coupled with the rain and the spray made this one of the most dangerous things I think I've ever done.. So off again and had to follow the cycle router through all the wee tiny back roads... Up hills, single tracks..  Even a ford with a bridge, I will include a picture of it.. At Pease Bay caravan site..

    Eventually I get to Eyemouth.. Worth googling june as there was a terrible life boat disaster there.. A lot of history..

    I think that'll do... So there is going to be a part 9 lol

    Back in a minute..

    • Ok.. So Eyemouth.. I ask in a petrol station for the best route to Berwick.. Just the A1.. I'm told.. So the rain had stopped now.. I get back to the main road and set off towards Berwick.. Still windy.. And nothing to do with beans, you two, lol

    Slow progress along here and eventually Berwick comes into view.. No I had planned to go to the Holy Isle... Nope.. Time was now a serious enemy.. So I stayed on the main road and had 30 miles to go to Alnwick.. Guess what.. The rain came back.. With a vengeance.. So much so that my state of the art waterproof panniers have leaked.. Just a little..

    Those 30 miles seemed to go on for ever.. But eventually I have rolled up and I am now in bed.

    Tomorrow is another day... Another long one.. Lol

    Route to follow soon.


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  • In reply to MaryGK:

    DAY 4 – THURSDAY 26 APRIL, 2012

    Today I get into the land of the Yorkies.. B&B, Lowry, Keith, Sunshine.. And many

    Another long day in the saddle ahead so early up again.. I'm going to leave the A1 alone for a wee while, just to give the car drivers a wee So out of Alnwick on the A1068 towards Alnmouth then Amble then Newbiggen-by-the-Sea and Blyth on Cycle route 1 the A189 and the A193 to Tynemouth and North Shields.. Here a wee passenger ferry over the Tyne and through South Shields to Sunderland on the A1018 south of Sunderland at Ryhopebthe A1018 crosses cycle route 1 get on this and follow it till Stockton on Tees, there look for the A1027 then A 135 to Egglescliffe the A67 then A19 looking for a right turn at Lane End to Osmotherly..

    Distance Today.

    Alnwick to Blyth22.  Miles

    Blyth to Ryhope. 22 Miles

    Ryhope to Stockton on Tees. 22 Miles

    Stockton on Tees to Osmotherly. 16 Miles




    Posted by black jaguar

    on 26 Apr 2012 6:10 PM

    WET WET WET!!!! Lol Hi folks after yesterday, and with the rain still pelting down I decided to change my plan and take the main roads.. Not the big A1 road though.. As always it is safety first. So I took the A1068 out of Alnwick then the A189 towards the coast.. and new biggen by the sea. Then Blyth and to avoid the tyne tunnel headed on into Newcastle.. Cross the Tyne into Gateshead, lunch here, then the A184 towards Sunderland.. It crosses the A19.. Just got onto that and head down in the rain to Middlesbrough and on and up to Ostmotherly. The weather has been a hindrance today... Nothing like yesterday where it was dangerous.. Ther has been a lot less wind but those that are from this general area will believe me when I say it has been wet.. It has gone off or at least eased in the last wee while but it was pretty crazy.. I arrived just after 5.00. Pleased with that considering the conditions and it's day four...  showered and  had to go out for a walk to get a mobile signal.found it in the flooded car park so sent a txt to a few of you to say all is good. No wifi at hostel so I am in a pub in the village.. The Queen Catherine... It is lovely and would be amazing in the sunshine.. My apologies to those that may have expected me at places along the original route.. But I wasn't risking another hyper long day like yesterday... Oh I now have a pint in my hand lol. All in all a pretty rubbish day and I have cut out any sightseeing.. As everywhere is soaking wet.. Jag. Why does it always rain on me... Or. Everywhere you go, always take the weather with you.. Lol


    Posted by black jaguar

    on 26 Apr 2012 6:29 PM

    Good one tiger.. Many thoughts go through my mind.. Sometimes it's just calculating my speed in my head.. You know so many miles to ??? Will take ??? Means I need to do...

    Other times I might get a wee radio going in one ear.. The left one so I can still hear traffic and other times I get lost deep in thought about my life and where I am taking it..

    I never lose sight of the fact that I am lucky enough to be fit and able to do this sort of thing.. There are plenty of folk that would love to and for whatever reason they can't..


    Posted by black jaguar

    on 26 Apr 2012 6:39 PM

    The hostel is on the other side of a bridge... When I came out the water was flowing. OVER it.. I had to get my feet wet to cycle out.. Lucky though there is a good drying room.. So I will get my shoes dry for the morning.. Lol


    Posted by black jaguar

    on 26 Apr 2012 7:45 PM

    One thing that has just come to my mind again from Alnwick ..My mind is a little numb tonight... Two ladies held the door open for me as I took my bags out to attach them to the bike. Thanks I said.. The replied in Italian.. And we're shivering at me in a tee shirt.. I tried to explain I was cycling.. One got very excited and began shouting "Coppi, Coppi, at me.. In broken English and non existent Italian.. I worked out this lady is the daughter of one... Faust Coppi.. Twice winner of the tour de France and five times winner of the Giro D'Italia.. He also broke a record held by another hero of mine.. The one hour record, held also by Graeme Obree..

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  • In reply to MaryGK:

    DAY 5 – FRIDAY 27 APRIL, 2012 

    Posted by black jaguar

    on 27 Apr 2012 10:27 AM

    Good morning everyone... Your thoughts and good wishes are a great spur on for me...

    If any of you know the youth hostel at Osmotherly.. You'll know it is down a wee drive beside a campsite.. And not very well lit. Well last night I got a bit spooked.. I'm no believer of ghosts or any such thing, I was though in this big building with only one other guest. Even the warden didn't stay over.. I woke about 3am having had a bad dream.. Seen the movie with jack Nicholson... The shining.. That's what had come into my head..

    So I set my alarm for six and was packed up and on the road about 7..

    I had decided to skip breakfast at the hostel and stop in Thirsk.. Well either the thought of an axe man or the two pints of Black Sheep I had last night seemed to give me wings.. I was off like a shot this morning..I flew past Thirsk and hardly noticed it..  It's taken less than three hours to get to I am in a big tesco just along from the roundabout where the road to hull comes off the A19... I can't quite believe it, it's not rained and the little bit of wind has been pushing me along..

    It's not yet half 10 and I've roughly 40 miles to go to Hull...

    Oh happy day.... Oh happy day yay LoL


    Posted by black jaguar

    on 27 Apr 2012 10:41 AM

     No sunshine as yet Tiger, it has been a brightening sky though..

    Hello Mike.. In an inspired move and a bit of luck.. I have booked into the Holiday Inn, Hull Marina.. A pool, steam room sauna await..

    So breakfast now over I'm back on the road.. Just need to go buy some ibuprofen gel.. Right knee is feeling the strain a little.. But no other problems..

    The bike and bags look like they've been submerged for three days though.. Lol

    I'm off now folks, catch you all from Hull in a while.

    BFN Jag


    Posted by black jaguar

    on 27 Apr 2012 3:43 PM

    Good afternoon everyone..

    Great news on the total... Thank you all once again... Today was a blast.. I've just loved it and I am now safely in the non spooky holiday inn in Hull.

    There is not much to tell of today other than it went well enough and yes Sunshine you were dead right about the Market Weighton by pass...a monster, that cons you into thinking you're at the top then just for kicks gives you another wee bit...  Lol

    I tamed it though..  Lol


    Posted by black jaguar

    on 27 Apr 2012 4:14 PM

    MarJus... Has just sent us up to the £1500... Mark Hey folks, that is Fifteen Hundred Pounds.... Amazing... Thanks everyone.. I'm away for a nice long soak.


    Posted by black jaguar

    on 27 Apr 2012 7:27 PM

    Here then is today's tale...

    Spooked out of bed at 6am.. I gather my now dry and washed gear from the drying room.. I know there is one other guest in the hostel. I had spoken to him the night before.. Hadn't seen him since. The warden signed me in then disappeared!

    At 3am something woke me, I was having a dream.. Anyway by 7:00 I'm on the road.. Really flying.. It must be down hill and the wind must have been at my back... Either that or I was running like Tam O'Shanter... Lol

    Before I knew it I had blasted by Thirsk and York was 10 miles ahead... I stopped there for breakfast.. I was struck by how high the rivers were and how much water was lying in the fields.. This was true all the way to Hull..

    So breakfast over I had around 40 miles left for the day..

    Sunshine posted to warn me of the Market Weighton by pass.. He wasn't wrong but it's a toddler compared to Glen Farg..

    So into Hull I eventually come and guess what... The sun came out. The first I've seen since Edinburgh!

    I've now had a soak a sauna and a wee swim, feeling good and looking forward to seeing some of you in the morning, at the bridge.. I'm also looking forward to the bridge as it will be one of the last big climbs of this tour.

    Thank you all for taking time to read about me and my days.. And a real thank you for the donations, I am amazed that they still keep coming.



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  • In reply to MaryGK:

    DAY 6 – SATURDAY 28, 2012

    Posted by black jaguar

    on 27 Apr 2012 8:16 PM

    I omitted to do this last night... Led astray by a pair of Black So before I head off to a nice safe sleep here are my sort of plans for tomorrow.

    Day 6 Saturday 28 April 2012

    TodayI have two wee treats.. . I get my second big bridge of this trip and I get to meet two fellow posters... A gabfest Stalwart... Mr SUNSHINE, himself and a Lady I have had lots of messages with NiteOwl.

    Kingston upon Hull to Boston (freiston shore)

    Straight away I get to complete a set of big bridges.. The mighty Humber Bridge is there right in front of me..   I've cycled the Erskine, the Tay, the Severn, and the Forth, bridges.. The Humber is a long standing ambition.. Today I get to do it. :-).

    Over the bridge then a short detour back under it to meet Sunshine and NiteOwl..

    Then onto the A1077 to Ulceby, the B1211 to Keelby, then the A18/A16 to Louth. From Louth take the A16 to Just before Boston and go left on the A52 to Haltoft End then Right on Church Road to Freiston, then left on Shore Road to Freiston Shore.

    Distance today.

    Kingston upon Hull to Ulceby. 14 Miles

    Ulceby to Keelby 4. Miles

    Keelby to Louth. 18 Miles

    Louth to Freiston Shore. 31 Miles.



    Posted by black jaguar

    on 27 Apr 2012 9:21 PM

    Hi mike...

    Last post before sleep time..

    The last bed & Breakfast of the tour is...

    Plumbers Place Guest House.. Freiston Shore, Boston.

    Good night everyone..

    Please one last thing, let us not forget what or even who this is all about.  The wonderful amazing birds, sitting way up there on a cold rain swept nest at loch Garten.

    I am honoured with all you have said about me... BUT the TRUE STARS are The Ospreys.

    Jag x


    Posted by SUNSHINE

    on 28 Apr 2012 2:30 PM

    HI FOLKS --i met the BJ on the north side of the humber bridge at 9-00 this morning .. after about half an hour it was over the bridge and met NITE OWL and hubby MIKE..spent about 90 mins with them.. having breakfast and taking lots of pics .. that man BJ is a smashing chap and i hope i can now call him MY FRIEND... A TRULY GREAT GUY .. you are in for a treat ---- ,the people who meet him at RUTLAND


    Posted by NiteOwl

    on 28 Apr 2012 4:14 PM

    Hi everyone, sorry its taken me so long to post, I see Sunshine has reported back, Hi Sunshine. We are still doing our little suprise for you which should be here for you this evening, in the mean time I will post a few pics when i have put them on my laptop. :)

    We met BJag/Brian at the Humber Bridge then onto the visitor centre for Breakfast, lots of chat about Ospreys and football and of course Scotland, Both BJag and Sunshine are lovely people and we all enjoyed spending time together, (I know we did anyway, Lol) I just wish the sun had come out more as the wind cut through like a knife, it was was so bitterly cold!

    BJag ~ I hope you are having that lovely warm bath now that you were so looking forward to, and much needed to warm those bones!lol :)  I will return soon with some pics.



    Posted by Keith Rogers

    on 28 Apr 2012 7:37 PM


    Hello All - BJ (Brian) (Jag) has just phoned me and asked me to post that all is well with him.

    He is at his destination at the wee hotel that was picture posted earlier in the day.

    He was a little late arriving but has had a fine day and is in very good spirits.

    He has internet problems therefore asked if I would place a wee post to let everyone know all is OK.

    If he gets a good signal which can be broken then he may place a wee post himself but if he cannot then do not worry.

    I do speak with him and the last couple of days has been in high spirits which is great given the earlier conditions he had to experience.

    I really think he really is waiting for someone to knock at the door now he has seen that four poster bed with lace - he just laughed at my suggestions what to do with it some that I dare not post here.


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