SUMMARY of Black Jaguar's (Brians) Charity Cycle from Loch Garten to Rutland Water

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    Posted by HBOMB

    on 29 Apr 2012 3:50 PM

    Well done. Good to know you made it there safely. Great amount of money that you

    have raised. Hope the weather gets better soon and we will hear from you when you

    are at Norwich. We are all very proud of you.  Mum, Avz and H :) xx


    Posted by HBOMB

    on 29 Apr 2012 3:50 PM

    glad you are there at last brian I nearly called you B JAG myself love mum x


    Posted by black jaguar

    on 29 Apr 2012 6:28 PM

    Hello every one... h mum & sis... Thank you.

    I'm now safely deposited at my hotel thanks to Zara, ChloeB's friend.

    Thank you to the staff at Rutland, and the welcoming party for the gifts.

    Thank you all.. Every single one of you than has donated.. You have been an insperation to me.

    I shall have a shower and post of the events of the past couple of days soon.


    Posted by black jaguar

    on 29 Apr 2012 7:10 PM

    Hello folks..

    Well you all know of the spooky night in Osmotherly... Seems so long ago now.

    I blasted Friday, a dry day with the wind pretty much at my back.. Arrived Hull in good time to have a nice evening, relaxing and chatting.

    So up around 8 on Saturday morning.. The arrangement to meet Sunshine on the north side of the Humber bridge.. What a star that fellow is.. Gifts galore, my friend I have made good use of those. Well most of them. Then over the bridge to meet NiteOwl & mr NiteOwl. I've yet to see "black jaguar" the movie but will get back and have a look..

    We all spent a bit of time chatting and having breakfast then it was time to be on my way.

    Now anyone that says the terrain to the south of the Humber is flat is having you on.. The linconshire wolds... Go up and down like an elevator.. For mile after mile I climbed and dropped.. Until with no warning.. An alien landscape.. Flat for as far as I could see, in any direction.. Downside.. Crazy cross wind.. After miles of flat.. Boston came in sight.. I had booked a B&B in Freiston Shore... This is also an RSPB reserve. Sadly though I never had a chance to go and see it. By the time I got there I was about wiped out.

    I've lost count of which part this is... Lol


    Posted by black jaguar

    on 29 Apr 2012 8:06 PM

    Hi again folks... Once again I am astounded... SheilaFE.. Thank you so much..  Words fail me...

    Ok folks.. The tale of last night and today...

    Plumbers Place.. B&B.. Comfortable.. But the free wifi disappeared, Mike called me on their land line, the land lady gave me a walkabout phone and then she too disappeared.. As I knew the weather was going to be bad I asked for an early breakfast, this proved to be difficult.. Would I stay again? Nah.

    So on the road at back of nine.. The wind and rain were terrible.. I had to go into it for a short while to reach the main road, even going down the gears I was almost blown to a standstill.. How happy I was to find that it was at my back when I eventually got going.

    Blasted along the A16 Spalding. Stopped at McDs to post and the looks on the customers faces was priceless.. You would have thought a spaceman had walked in.. Lol

    I said ETA Lyndon reserve 14:00/30..

    Back on the road, market deeping, and Stamford, then on to Rutland water.. Rolled down the hill to Lyndon at 14:10.

    Soaking wet, my waterproofs have given up.. But the welcome party was brilliant.. Tim and his staff were fantastic and to meet the famous Tiger, ChloeB, her friend Zara, and Mr & Mrs Ruthie was just great.. We adjourned to the horse & Jockey for a chat and a few drinks.. Zara gave me a lift to the hotel..thank you so much, and that was it.. All over..

    Well not quite..

    I have just one more thing to say...

    Every single one of you.. THANK YOU.. I have enjoyed this adventure, more than any other to date.. You have all been amazing, Mary& Tom at Loch Leven.. Sunshine and his signs and bottles and other gifts, the niteowls, making "Black Jaguar the movie" the welcome at Rutland.. AND all others that have posted, read and followed, worried, laughed and cried with and at me.. THANK YOU...

    You have all inspired me..

    Brian. Black Jaguar


    Posted by black jaguar

    on 29 Apr 2012 8:18 PM

    Tonight my friend... I am in the Queensgate Hotel in Peterborough.. The reception has strict instructions to let only those that can massage dodgy knees to get to my room... Lol

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    A wee bonus Slide Show from NiteOwl - Thank you so much its lovely.