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    Morning all,

    NC0 is still incubating. Scrolling back, I can't see that Laddie has relieved her from her night duty as yet


  • Something's gone wrong with my picture/recording :((( 

    FISH !!!

    NC0 took it to the birch:

    I've allowed a Windows Update since then, here's hoping it's improved.


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    Just noticed NC0 shoot off and leave the nest empty - couldn't see her over the water or at the birch - but she was soon back:


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     Looks like NC0 has left the nest a few times for comfort breaks today. At around 12.50 she departed and The Lowes staff zoomed in on the eggs. NC0 returned less than a minute later. They kept the camera on close zoom for just over an hour which was nice. 

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    Video posted on SWT's YouTube channel regarding the three intrusions yesterday.

    Two Ringed Intruders in One Morning!

    The morning of 12th May began with an osprey flying overhead. With NC0 emitting alarm 'guard calls' LM12 quickly returned to the nest to defend his mate (stick in tow)! Only a short while later, an unringed intruder landed on the nest. We believe this to be a female osprey who has regularly intruded the nest throughout this season and last year.

    Seconds later, a second osprey with a colour ring Blue/White 8C (on the right leg), landed on the nest. This bird is confirmed to have hatched at Glaslyn Nature Reserve in Wales. She is a female osprey who fledged as the youngest of a brood of three in 2014, and has been sighted several times since, including in Senegal (where many osprey from the UK overwinter), Hampshire and Dorset, appearing on the Poole Harbour nest webcam last August and this March!

    As if that wasn't enough, an hour later, a second ringed osprey landed on the nest, this time Blue/White 167. Having reported the colour ring we have found out that this is a 2 year old male osprey ringed at a nest south of Inverness by Hugh Insley in July 2020, again one of a brood of three.

    Many thanks to Tim Mackrill at the Roy Dennis Foundation, Heather at Glaslyn Ospreys and Hugh Insley for the detailed information.

  • Many thanks for the updates, Scylla and Glider! :)
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    A bit late, but here was another shoot-off by NC0 - I wonder if there's something flitting about there?