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    17:56 NC0 returned to the perch

    Laddie left the nest

    NC0 resumed incubation

    To note: A link to SWT's YT video re yesterday's three intrusions is on the previous page


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    A headless fish delivery from Laddie at 18:57

    Incoming from behind the nest

    The cam zoomed in slightly just as NC0 was about to leave. 

    NC0 didn't land on the birch feeding but instead flew over and beyond it


  • Interesting a 2014 f from Glaslyn has been so far north. I wonder whether she has lost her mate or her nest in the area. How sad.

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    I agree, Sheila, especially as she had been seen at Poole in March (see here). Also, I'm very surprised that Blue 167 is ringed on his right leg knowing that he came from a nest south of Inverness.

    Edit: An extra bit of info on LotL Fb page, stated this with regards to 8C, 'Interestingly her brother 9C who breeds in Cumbria, was sighted a few weeks ago at Leighton Moss.'

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    NC0 back to the perch at 19:42. She flew in from behind the nest


    Onto the nest. More preening

    Laddie up from the eggs

    And off he flew

    Settled to begin her overnight incubation


  • Thanks for all the latest pics etc, much appreciated.


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  • Yes, I agree Lynette. I missed everything later in the day as my internet went down until this morning so thankful that we can catch up with this great feed.

    I too was surprised that an “older” bird from Glaslyn was intruding so far from where she was born Sheila and puzzled as well as to the other ringed bird being Scottish like you said Sandra, on the right leg? I do hope these intruders find a suitable nest somewhere that they can occupy. I’d put one in my garden if it was big enough!
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    Good morning all,
    Not a good start! Laddie delivered a large headless fish at 5:10ish.

    On her fly away from the nest, it dropped out of NC0's talons and headed down to the ground!

    NC0 flew full circle to arrive back onto the nest!


  • 9:04 NC0 is calling for fish


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    Aw what a shame, it was a decent fish too, poor Laddie - he should’ve eaten it al!! NC0’s stomach must be rumbling now!