Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 9 January 2022


I hope everyone has a wonderful, joyful week. Please stay safe, folks.

  • I'll be back later to write some replies. I need a grilled cheese sandwich first!
  • Diane: Thank you once again.

    Thanks all for everyone's news and opinions. :-) Must confess I didn't notice the typo that inspired Lindybird's poetic muse.

    Have a good Sunday everyone.
  • It’s Sunday, therefore I am 100% motivated to do nothing today!

    Sundays. . . Sleep until you’re hungry. Then eat until you’re sleepy.

    Tomorrow’s Monday?? Again?? I don’t think I can do this every week!

  • Brilliant quotes, AQ.

    Good Morning, Everyone. Thank you to Diane for keeping us in order, as usual. Hope the cheese toastie was good.

    Dry here, and pretty pink edged clouds visible out of the bedroom window.
  • Good morning - cold and sunny again here - without visible frost. Managed to wake at first attempt this morning - still took an hour to get out of bed, but progress.

    ANNETTE - pleased to see your Daughter has progressed to rehab - and the pool facility will certainly help her.

    LYNETTE - thoughts and prayers continuing. So much to do at the time one feels least like doing it. Wishing you peace and strength.

    All who have been flinging, well done! We had a charity bag collection last week - good to see things go.
  • MMMMMMM....grilled cheese sandwich with tomato soup! Comfort food!

    Linda, yesterday's poem was a gem, and summed up my quandaries of tossing perfectly. Cleaning would be so much simpler with less "stuff," It is a constant recalculation, I guess.

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  • Thanks, CC. We need to declutter our minds as well as our cupboards!

    Went to visit Sue this morning, and spent a lot of our visit rubbing little Toffee's (dog!) chest - he loves attention. Took my several bags of discarded festive decs, for the charity sale, and gave Sue a couple of things personally which I knew she would like. Had a good gossip about local folks (both she & of course my OH were born in the village & she seems to know just about everyone).

    Felt better afterwards as I was quite depressed when I awoke this morning -- I had had morbid dreams and it took a while to be in the present when I eventually woke up, late and grumpy. Never mind, it happens.
  • Hallo all.

    CC:  Do you have a Trader Joe's near you?  They have a wonderful Organic Tomato and Roasted Red Pepper soup.  I was in line there with two containers in my basket and spotted another woman who also had two.  She was saying she makes grilled cheese sandwiches and then dips them in the soup.  I was mentally totting up the calories, but it did sound really yummy.  

    I'm decluttering the garden; going to start pruning back the roses today.   Re those stepping stones I removed from around the fountain, my OH mentioned that he'd like to see them positioned over the dymondia on the way to the garden hose.!  Needless to say  (I always wonder about that because if it's needless to say, why am I saying it?)  Anyway, needless to say, my look told him what I thought of that idea!  :-)    The garage also seems to be accumulating lots of empty boxes and various items that need to go to the thrift store and/or the non-recyclable plastic place and/or the hazardous waste center.....    On another garden note, California now requires that we stop throwing away food waste (the goal being to reduce methane gas emissions from city dumps).  Some communities have had a food composting program in place for a few years; others are having folks put veggie/fruit leftovers in the green garden waste bin.  I can't make out what our local authorities are telling us to do (conflicting suggestions), but it seems like the folks at Island Feed & Seed are accepting food waste. I don't have a compost pile in the garden and don't particularly want to start another project.  Gosh it all gets so complicated....    And now for something completely different: A mountain lion was spotted over New Year's in the creek bed just two blocks up from our house and a pack of 7 coyotes was seen about the same time in the avocado ranch just 5 blocks up the road.

    Take care all

  • A mountain lion........... :-0
  • Annette - It varies a lot, here. Some local councils ask for us to fill special containers here for waste food, others, like ours, ask you to put it in with the garden waste.