Poole Harbour Ospreys 2022

  • I was just going to post this picture,  but see Scylla has done a glitchy video. 
    I doubt the Nightjars will return without the perch, but I may be wrong.

    Maybe BofPH will replace it.

    Richard B

  • Looking at the video and the freezes there were 2 Ravens on the nest, then a third one joined.
    It was probably a case of the third bird tried to get on the perch and the weight of both Birds caused it to break off.

    Richard B

  • In reply to SheilaFE:

    BoPH Mod on Chat has seen that the perch is gone but says that (probably) nothing will be done till the end of the season.

    And the Ravens continue to entertain - another KITKAT!  This one nearly went down the youngster's gullet but parent withdrew and planted it on the nest - soon took it away: