Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 5 December 2021

  • LINDY Well done to Tomasz, glad you enjoyed your visit.

    HARELADY Hope you get a good nights rest.
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    CC said:

    Clare Bailey said:
    Funnily enough I'm now listening to a fine rendition of O Come All Ye Faithful performed by Twisted Sister.  I bet that would send all the anti-Christian grumps running for cover.
    I hate most of the Christmas fuss but I'll make an exception of all of the classic cheesy songs!

    I love it Clare! Strangely enough, I'm not a Scrooge either but dread all the todo, probably because I spend Xmas alone. However, I am enjoying performing Xmas carol barbershop harmony yesterday and today with my Sweet Adeline group, at Xmas shopping locations. Given my aversion, seems just as perverse for me as Twisted Sister's O Come All Ye Faithful, I think...

    Strangely enough I'm pretty sure that Dee Snider is a practising Christian.  Twisted Sister released a Christmas album some years ago and it's absolutely priceless.

    Our herring gulls are red listed birds.  Think about that the next time you hear some flaming idiot calling for a cull of them.

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    HARELADY - Sending hugs. You're right, the pain is always there.
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    Hi all, not been on for a few days.

    Diane, oh that skunk, naughty boy.oh and thank you for starting this week off too. Hope your visit has gone well and that you are enjoying time with friends.

    AQ - glad you enjoyed family visit. Now time to relax again.

    Lindybird - hope you can all get together for the festive season and Rose starts to get used to all.

    OG - pleased to see that all seems well in your household.

    Not been to church recently but went this evening with Dau to the Parish Church in the village where she goes.
    It was led by the Moulton77 Brass Band and what a delight to have a brass band leading us in Worship. Its an
    annual event and really set me up for the coming season and what it is really about.

    Felling a lot better now but concerns over OH. Trying to get him to see his GP as he has no appetite and is constantly tired, always dozing off. Pretty sure its his diabetes related but until he does something himself we are hopeless. Anything we say to him and he gets grumpy. Still must persevere.

    Annette - So you are still at daus. Let's hope she continues on the path to health . I'm sure your OH will manage whilst you're away but it must be of some concern as to how he is coping. He will be understanding I'm sure to your present circumstances. All the best..

    Clare - have Classic FM on most of the day and every hour now they play Christmas music.

    Harelady - Poignant vist for your son and children. Sorry to hear about Lily, hope she has got over the sickness. Always sand when so young and have lost a parent. Thoughts are with you.


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  • If you are not killing plants, you are not really stretching yourself as a gardener. (J C Raulston)

    Gardener’s recipe: one-part soil, two-parts water, three-parts wishful thinking.

    A weed is a plant that is not only in the wrong place but intends to stay. (Sara Stein)

  • Good Morning. Love the gardening related quotes, AQ!

    Cold & dark Monday morning here, but I'm grateful that our central heating is working. Having a hiccup last week has made me nervous of it giving out.

    Lynette, sorry your OH is not too good. Hope he can be persuaded to see the Doc and get some help.

    Got our Christmas lights out of the cupboard yesterday, so my OH will be getting his ladder out to put them up outside - there are a couple of houses along our road who have strung some lights out already
  • I have the radio on all day - I switch between Classic FM and Radio2, plus interspersed with new stations such as Boom (highly recommended if you're over 65!). We also have a stereo player which I load up with my Christmas CDs nearer to the big day. They are varied too - lovely choral renditions of the classics, brass bands, pop hits, traditional favourites - I love them all! If there is a heaven, then mine will have lots of music playing.

    Harelady, glad you had family time. Of course, the loss of someone dear never leaves you - they walk with us through life and can even be a comfort.
  • ps - just read back, and Annette, little Rosie is just 2 and a bit. Already ordering her brothers around! She did some small jigsaws whilst I was there and although they must be familiar to her, I was impressed. Her other grandparents must be watching for signs of artistic leanings, as they are both accomplished artists themselves but our grandsons do not seem to have inherited their talent!
  • Morning all;

    Harelady:  Good that you got to spend time with the grandkiddies; should be assume Luna (and wasn't there another little one?) are Kate's?  Hugs to you.....  Hope you're already planning how to wangle some alone time over the holidays.

    Lynette:  Sorry about your OH.  Why oh why are men so so bad at taking care of themselves, but what a nice treat to have a brass band!    My OH has not sounded great last two days, which has me worried a bit.  Still, will be heading home in a day or so but then again, will worry about how granddaughter is coping here.  Sigh. She and I have talked seriously about her moving back to CA as I think my daughter needs to be nearer her regular doctors; Covid aside, she has chronic health issues  

    AQ:  I left three budding Plumeria seeds outside the patio door that OH promises he has been misting regularly.  I also left a Poinsettia and a Heliotrope nearby but not sure how they've fared.  I hate to think how some other plants have fared   Must stifle any gasps of horror when I finally get home!  :-)

    Lindybird:  Argh.  Now I'm worried about your OH going up a ladder.  :-)  

    A busy couple of days here before I head home so hope no hiccups with remaining projects.  I didn't get as much done in the garden/yard as I'd hoped as other things kept popping up.  Oh well.

  • ANNETTE - Thats a good idea, them moving back to California. I've been pondering about that very thing. If your daughter has poor health it would be be best thing... I can understand your worries, you must be torn between your OH and your daughter and her children and Miss D.
    LINDY - Lovely pic of Rosie ! I think that you would like to be nearer to them ! I think the same about my son and his family, but my daughter in law has two sisters and their children fairly near to them.
    OG - I keep meaning to ask you about oaten tatties - I've never heard of them but they sound good !
    LYNETTE - I'd be a bit worried about your OH, also. The sleepiness and grumpiness could be signs of a hypo. Not eating is worrying, also. I think he is injecting insulin?

    It's good to read about everyones Christmas plans! I could quite happily be on my own but the girls won't hear of it. At present, the plan is for me to be with middle daughter and Amy on Christmas Day. Then, if allowed by Nicola Sturgeon, we will all be together here, on Boxing Day. No unvaccinated folk ( Callum, are you listening?) and everyone to do a lateral flow test before coming here.
    Our Danish friends are quite determined that they will be driving down through Germany, France and Spain and spending Christmas in Alicante, where they have rented an apartment from the 22nd December. Then driving via Portugal back home to Denmark. I daren't say anything , it's none of my business anyway !