Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 5 December 2021

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    Lindybird said:
    Did you see my story after that remark, Clare.

    Yes, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.  It's just that every time I find myself in a group of people I seem to be the one whose thoughts and outlook are different from everyone else's.  When I was younger I was forever getting criticised for not fitting in and generally not even trying to fit in - some of my high school reports made depressing reading, it seemed that what the teachers wanted most (apart from the homework issues) was for me to be like my 'peers'.  I've certainly found that the older I get the more it seems that I get looked on as being a 'character', rather than deliberately awkward.  I think that you get away with more eccentric behaviour, the older you get - which is more than useful for me!

    Our herring gulls are red listed birds.  Think about that the next time you hear some flaming idiot calling for a cull of them.

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    Gosh, DIANE that is horrendous. Thinking about you...

    Have just seen pics online. A dreadful situation.

  • DIANE Thanks for your update. Glad you are ok.

    Please don't conform to the norm!!!
  • Put up our small tree last night - beginning to feel festive now. :-)  We went to a nursery at lunchtime today to buy a real tree for our conservatory but after we had chosen it, my OH went white when the man stated the price - I don't think we'll have one next year!!

  • Morning all; Glad to see individualism is alive and well. :-) I've been buried under pounds of mail and laundry for the last two days, plus shopping for basic groceries (wine, muffins, wine, veggies, wine, chicken, etc). Glad Diane is okay after what sounds like a truly scary night. I saw grim weather maps as I was zooming past the TV the last two evenings but didn't stop to gather details. Have another pile of receipts, etc. to sort through today in addition to non-critical shopping. I think Xmas will get short shrift from us this year. Meanwhile, daughter now on solid food and doing well enough to complain that last night's dinner was too spicy.

    Take care all.
  • OMG nothing on news about weather calamities but yet another Space celebrity. MSNBC the only channel showing anything right now. Sooooo tired of celebrities.

    Diane:  Looks like more storms forecast through today and tonight????

  • What a lovely surprise. The doorbell rang and it was postie with a small parcel. It was a very belated birthday gift from friends. We were meant to meet them at Pitlochry on my birthday and they had to cry off, then same again at Aviemore in November. They know of a chocolate shop in Oban and so in the end decided to order me some choccies from there. They look amazing.....now do I offer OH one!!! Isn't it nice to have friends.