Weekly Chat (non-osprey) Sunday, September 12, 2021

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    Lindybird said:
    Clare & Limpy - I'm excited for you both, and your trip sounds wonderful. We drove through Glencoe once and it was spectacular. I'm sure you'll return with lots more great wildlife photos!!

    I hate to think how many photos we'll return with.  We're both capable of getting very carried away.

    Our herring gulls are red listed birds.  Think about that the next time you hear some flaming idiot calling for a cull of them.

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    Pat O said:
    Not going to mention Iona as assume it's on your itinerary.

    It's not, actually - if it involves much walking on arrival it's possible we won't go there as Limpy struggles to walk far.

    Pat O said:
    There is a wonderful Eagle Watch group - you must go to one of their locations,

    Very sadly they don't seem to be operating at the moment due the the pandemic.

    Pat O said:
    Don't know where you're staying, but you should go to Glengorm Castle, right up in the north. The castle is now a conference centre and you can't go in - but there are some lovely views on the four-mile drive from the road and then to the most amazing little cafe with great home-made food.

    Might well have to check that out!

    Pat O said:
    You should also try to do the scenic route around the island. If you have only time to do it once, then clockwise, starting at Loch Scridain, is the better - but doing it both ways is best!

    That sounds like a must do - and Loch Don isn't far from the route.

    I think the only question I have at the moment is concerning cod - does anywhere on the island serve it?  We're seeing lots of haddock on menus, which isn't to Limpy's liking.  It makes no difference to me as I can't eat fish anyway.

    Our herring gulls are red listed birds.  Think about that the next time you hear some flaming idiot calling for a cull of them.

  • Clare - One other place you really mustn't miss, as keen birdwatchers, is Loch Frisa. You can take the road from Aros up to Dervaig (almost always see dippers in the river on your right just out of Aros!) and the whole of that area is very wild and beautiful. Somewhere by Loch Frisa is a bird hide where you can almost guarantee being overflown by sea eagles. You should also go to the Macquarrie Mausoleum near Gruline. And if you take the road from Gruline to Salen you will find, quite near the Mausoleum, a beautiful little church. And in the churchyard, in the top left hand corner as you look from the road, is the grave of the aunt of the friend whose memorial service brought me to Perth - Joan Heriot Maitland. There now, how detailed do you want the information??? And of course I haven't started to tell you about the wonderful and deserted beaches behind Bunessan. If you have time for one, make it Uisken. You can drive right up to the beach, and it's the most beautiful beach I've ever seen - where my friend who died was going to scatter my ashes. Another beautiful beach is Laggan Sands, Lochbuie - an interesting drive from the main road. This website has pictures and brief descriptions of these and many more www.iona-bed-breakfast-mull.com/.../

    The staff at the information office at Craignure, opposite the ferry, are really helpful. They remember me when I go back. I have been visiting Mull for probably 25 years and have been in every season, in all weathers. Haven't been for a couple of years but really must get there next year. As you can tell, I love it - but always try to keep away from the 'touristy' areas. Hope you manage to see the best of it. Oh, by the way - public loos are few and far between. Craignure, Bunessan, Salen, Calgary Beach (avoid unless it's an emergency!) Hope you have a wonderful time, and look forward to hearing about it - and seeing the pictures!
  • CLARE- It is a fact that haddock is much more popular than cod up here. I don't know whether it's because it's more of a locally caught fish. To me, the only difference is in the texture but others may disagree.

  • I read about The Highland Clearances last night, that there were two events in history these people were displaced. Seems to happen everywhere in the world and throughout time. But the Scots are unparalleled in putting to song the nature of life's suffering. Thank you all for the pointers. Now, off to view some of those links!

    Much as I enjoy travel, I am always happy to be back in my own bed and quarters and fuddy duddy ways! I'm off to the Shaw today for a few days, back at the end of the week, hopefully uneventfully. Wishing you all well!

    Clare, I wish you well on your journeys, too, and look forward to as many pics as you care to post! I also like cod better than haddock, hope Limpy finds some. Catch you on the other side of our respective trips.

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  • Lots of enthusiasm on here for all things Scottish!! We have been promising ourselves a trip to the Trossachs and of course, Loch Garten next year as we missed it this year. We were going to celebrate the fact that we first met 50 years ago, this last summer. How can it possibly be that long ago??
  • Bonnie relaxing, just now. No one can relax as much as a dog!!

    Edit: If you can't make it out, her face is turned away from us.


    Yawning after she spotted me!

  • That is some relaxing pose, Lindy!

    Swelling is going down well - not surprised, with all the chemicals I am swallowing! Now booked a B and B in a place called Bredbury, near Stockport for tomorrow night. Thank goodness for SatNavs! It's just over halfway home, so hope to arrive to my own bed on Thursday afternoon. It's been traumatic to say the least - coming to Scotland this time was not a happy occasion, getting bitten certainly didn't help - and a night in hospital just about put the tin hat on it! But I've been met with nothing but kindness and consideration and although I've missed several meetings and things at home (oh dear, what a shame!) it hasn't really been too stressful - once I got treatment for the bite. and the awful swelling went down so I could actually see out of both eyes!

    Sorry to have been so self-preoccupied over the last few days. Hopefully I will be more 'normal' once I get home.
  • LINDY Now that is definitely relaxed with a capital R!!

    CLARE Pat knows way more than I do about Mull but one thing she doesn't mention is the boat trip to the magnificent Fingals Cave on Staffa. We named our 2nd Goldie Fingal and have only come across one other... a Newfie if I remember rightly. Anyway have a wonderful time.