Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 2 May 2021

  • Good that the kitchen work is ongoing OG. Grit your teeth and think about how great its going to look when it's finished!

    We bought new flooring for our downstairs bathroom this morning, & now I just have to fret about whether it's going to look right with the existing wall tiles & other stuff! Also bought some bedding plants from a great rural plant nursery not far from here, so then had to put my old jacket on and buckle down to getting them into the ground & pots.

    A very showery day and not too warm for May.

  • Lindybird: Ha! That's a good one. No leotards for me though - just black leggings and a very loose top. Good luck matching the floor (can you take it back if it's the wrong color?) Maybe take out a couple of bits and lay them down then look at them in different light?
  • Winge alert. It has not been a good day. I turn up to appt with cancer surgeon to find the time changed from 9.15 am to 2.45 pm. (Next time I shall recite time when I get the reminder call.) Off to fruit/veg shop. I return to car to find someone parked so close I had to climb in passenger seat and over all those nasty things in the way. My regular supermarket is refurbishing their frozen section; changing from chest fridge to very tall door fridges. Bad luck for shorties like me. Also saw a note on end of Aisle 16 “Tissues are now in Aisle 1”. I come home, muddle around until 2.45, Doc was late of course. OH went out to lunch, is now asleep, so I can forget that we were going out somewhere “posh” for dinner. Tomorrow is a new day.
  • Some thoughts for OG

    Today’s menu. . . Eat it or starve.

    I hate it when I go to the kitchen for food and all I find are ingredients.

    Gadget: Any mechanical device that performs a kitchen task in one-twentieth the time it takes to find it. (David Young}

  • Good Morning. Bright outside the window so hopefully a reasonable day ahead. We began packing as finally decided that we will go to Wales again this week, in spite of some doubtful weather over the weekend.

    Bonnie caught a baby bird yesterday whilst we were all in the garden: I think she must have got inside a bush with a nest in it, & it was low enough for her to snatch one. Poor thing.
  • See that you posted whilst I was on, AQ -- sorry you had such a muddled day. Hope the surgeon had nice things to say(?)

    Also a shame you missed your meal out. Hope you can make up for that another day.

    I must get going as a huge list of stuff to get through today, but will have Cornish pasties out of the freezer tonight with fresh greens, so an easy meal. Hope OG is coping without her kitchen!
  • Annette- Floor ordered & it will be fitted sometime after three weeks from now. No changing it! We have large beige tiles on the walls, everything else white, so the floor I ordered is white cushionfloor (modern lino) with a grey scroll design on it. (Don't like the sound of it, now, LOL!)
  • LINDA – It is hard choosing colours as they are different in shop to one’s own room. My next visit to surgeon is in November but she has prescribed different tabs. She has allowed me to give up if these too don’t agree with me. Chemist tells me these have same side effects. No!
  • LINDA - I hope the bedding plants were okay in this morning's frost. OH says the geraniums are exceptionally good, blooming profusely in the greenhouse, but we daren't put them outside yet. Hope the flooring will "grow" on you. When are you going to Wales? Will it be after golf this Thursday and back next Monday for golf on Tuesday?

    AQ - what an annoying day that was for you. I think someone should have taken me off the breast follow-up tablets by now, as it was to be for 5 years, but I haven't seen the consultant since 2019 - she wrote to apologise for 2020 and said she would see me in 2021 - all due to covid stopping outpatients. I hope your replacement medication will suit you. Thanks for kitchen quotes; if I went into the kitchen this week, all I would find would be men! We are surviving on food ordered and delivered - but I have requested soup for lunch today. We are well-supplied with takeaways and deliveries as there is plenty of choice in the evenings - town is full of eating places and all falling over to rebuild their customer base after the lockdown.

    Main fitter is here - but no sign of electrician so far, so not much conversation. I like the electrician - he treats me as a person even when in my wheelchair - and even understands why I like to watch the mice outside the dining room window.
  • Good that they're getting on with the work, anyway, OG I dread the days when they don't turn up and you know that they're probably somewhere else keeping someone else happy, as they have two jobs overlapping. Enjoy your takeaways! We are going to Wales as usual after golf tomorrow, but then staying till possibly Wednesday the following week, as we want to spend more time there this year if possible. Last year it was nice to be able to go for a break, eventually, but they were expensive breaks as we had already paid the year's fees! They gave us a tiny bit of a reduction in this years fees to make up for it but everyone is moaning about it not being enough of a compensation as we had not had much time there. Of course, they still have overheads such as having to pay for the bins removal, keep all the landscaping tidy and mow the grass etc. whether there is anyone there or not, but looking at the flowerbeds I get cross as I go around pulling weeds as I go past, quite frequently! The manager there has now employed his own son as assistant groundsman and the boy is far too lazy - goes into the office and disappears. Bah!

    AQ - Glad you were able to discuss your meds as I know you are wondering if they are all necessary. Sometimes I think they prescribe things just "because" without enough of a thought about an individual. Fingers crossed that if you give them a try, these might be better than the last lot!

    I went to town for milk bread and etc. Found that the cash machine was out of order and although there is another one several hundred yards away, couldn't face walking there as my knees are stiff again today. Might get my OH to get some cash whilst he is out tomorrow - we must also remember to go and vote!