Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 2 May 2021


I hope everyone has a joyful and healthy week! 

  • Thank you Diane. I wish you the same. (We all wish you the same!) :-))

    Very busy day in the garden - a good day.

    Have a good Sunday everyone.
  • DIANE – Thank you and same to you.

    An unidentified object washed up on Gippsland (Victoria) beach is a missing Antarctic research drone. It will be returned to San Francisco.

  • Just a thought

    And remember, no matter where you go, there you are. (Confucius)

  • Good Morning. Bright but cold here.

    Thank you to Diane for starting us off again.
  • Two flowers fully out now & one more, hiding at the back, opening. Pity they don't smell! They look as if they should!

  • Good morning - sunny again but not going to last past today. About to have our last home cooked real meal from the old kitchen!

    DIANE - Thank you again.

    ANNETTE - glad you enjoyed your gardening day.

    AQ - interesting about the drone. I wonder how long it had been down in the drink?

    LINDA - lovely flower pics.
  • Morning all:

    AQ: That's just fascinating about the drone.  I had no idea these things existed or that they were doing krill research (although it sounds as if they're capable of doing a whole lot more).  Wonder what happened that it got lost just days after having been launched. The Saildrone website is interesting; the name was misspelled in the article's callout (there's me with my editor's hat on!). Oh and the Confucius quote is one of my favorites (so much for geographic escapes).  

    OG: Will be interested to hear what you guys will be eating over the next few weeks.....  

    Lindybird: Always amazes me that such exotic blooms pop up on such plain green stalks.  

    Very windy here last night; it managed to blow most of the petals off Cecile Brunner, which had its peak bloom a week or so ago..  

  • Thank you, DIANE.
    ANNETTE- Hope that you and OH enjoyed your evening with friends !
    LINDY - I feel so sorry for Sue.
    I'll be back here tomorrow with updates !
  • Went for a walk this morning in the sunshine, but after having trouble parking the car due to popularity of the area, we finally set off, but got caught in a mini shower and had to stand under the only tree we could find with a few leaves on it! Also, I was only wearing a light jacket which is not waterproof! Stuck it out but struggled to walk as far as usual, and had to dry out my clothes when we got home.

    View of the countryside- the brown field has tiny shoots of barley growing. This part of Cheshire is very flat,  and mostly given to these kinds of crops. Just the odd herd of sheep or dairy cows.