Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 2 May 2021

  • Just a thought

    A good laugh is sunshine in the house. (William Makepeace Thackeray)

  • Agree about the meatballs, AQ. The lingonberry sauce is good, though !
  • Good Morning. Wild & wet here - OHs golf now cancelled, as the course will be wet after all night rain. Good for the garden & the allotment, though!

    I was moping around yesterday and spent little time online. Put some energy into emptying ironing basket, then crumpled onto the sofa whilst OH enjoyed the Snooker Final. Can't get excited about snooker, myself....

    AQ - We have huge IKEA half an hour away. They deliberately send you on a long trek all the way around: it reminds me of a ride at the funfair where you turn lots of corners! Folks do find shortcuts though!!

    Hoping all goes well for OG and the new kitchen refit this week
  • LINDY /AQ- I always think of ' Follow the yellow brick road ' when in Ikea !
  • All proceeding - noisily - can't hear myself think! OH is having a fun time with the electrician! Electrics and communication hub going on and off so grabbing a moment while we have the power on. Fitter is screwing legs on the units - had the main ones delivered into kitchen this morning, upper units etc all in garage.
  • Morning all: Our nearest Ikea is almost two hours away, so it's a day out. Must say I'm not a meatball fan regardless of origins but the lingonberry sauce sounds interesting. I've never managed to figure out the best shortcuts.... Brit friend I used to do the whale count with is coming by this morning and we're going to Coal Oil Point together to wave at anything that might come by.   The vacuum cleaner has been parked in the living room for three weeks and finally I got up the willpower to give the house a (very) quick dust and vacuum Where does all the dust come from though?    Ugh. Just Googled Dust and don't like any of the information.

  • Guess you found the info about skin etc ANNETTE !!
  • Heather: Oh yes. "Bits of bugs, mites, bacteria......." That'll get me dusting more often for sure. Yuk!
  • I noticed that the house is still clean even when we've been away for a fortnight, so it can't be that dust is floating in the air! Did read the bad news that it's mostly ourselves with bits falling off...... of course, in this house, its also dog hairs, dog skin, dog dirty feet, bits of twigs and various debris..... we love her really!