• But no idea Geemeff, sorry
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    Geemeff said:
    possibly JJ7, what do you think?

    Possibly but not a certainty, given the distance.  Can't think of a better interpretation, tho - so it's very exciting, thank you GEEMEFF


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    Hi Scylla, the other possibility is JJ2, which would be Rannoch! But she has a very deep necklace, and this is more of the slighter male necklace. George thought JJ9, which is a male from Lochwinnoch which is sw of Paisley. Hoping for another sighting and a closer-up photo.

  • Apparently there's information posted on the LA Friends fb page, the rest of us have to wait for a formal Woodland Trust announcement tomorrow. Guessing it's an ID on this Osprey.. Exciting!

  • It's been ID'd as Rannoch JJ2! Apparently this press release is on Loch Garten's site, but copied in full on Adam's site walkingwithdaddy/osprey. Here's an extract:

    Woodland Trust Scotland Press Release

    A Scottish osprey whose name went to Mars thanks to NASA has been spotted and photographed in Senegal in West Africa.

    The bird, named Rannoch fledged at Loch Arkaig Pine Forest, Lochaber in 2019 along with its sibling Mallie. ...

    ... The bird was identified by its blue leg ring bearing the number JJ2. Senegal-based French ornithologist Jean-Marie Dupart photographed it on January 23 at the Sine-Saloum Delta which is a national park and UNESCO World Heritage site. With its many rivers, marshes and mangrove forests this is a perfect osprey hunting area.

    The photographer reported his sighting to Dr Tim Mackrill of Roy Dennis Wildlife Foundation who collates information on tagged British ospreys, and word was sent back from there to Woodland Trust Scotland.

    Here's Rannoch on 27/8/2019

  • The livestream is back up this morning, and it's seen yesterday's storm has finally shifted Louis' pom poms, blown to the far side

  • Louis brought the pom poms on 12th April last year