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    Many thanks Geemeff for all your updates and vids from Liz. It is good to know that the other two LA nests have been productive this year, and perhaps this nest will be fortunate to attract a breeding pair next year. Does Pean's nest have a 'name'. Is it Bunarkaig or is that yet another?  Do we know what year Dorcha/Blue LR1 hatched and where she came from?

    Hi Sheila, as Jill said, Dorcha is an unringed female, probably the one seen with Louis on the camera nest on 23rd April, and named for her dark face and the dark mile at Loch Arkaig. LR1 is the very noisy female at LotL, she and her brother LR2 can really make a racket, that nest will be very quiet when they've gone.

    Pean's nest is the one at the far western end of Loch Arkaig, not the Bunarkaig nest. Other than there was a male and female chick this year, ringed same day as Louis' two, given LW1 and LW2 Darvic rings (Louis & Dorcha's chicks got LW3 & LW4), not much is known about that nest which is on private land. Last year it produced two females and a male but I don't know the ring numbers. It doesn't have a name - perhaps the West Wing would be appropriate?! Unhatched eggs were found in a new wild nest in the Bunarkaig area this year, nothing in the Bunarkaig nest if my memory's correct. This new nest was made in a dodgy tree in an unstable location and t's thought - speculated - the unhatched eggs belonged to Affric (Blue 152) & YP which may explain why they suddenly started turning up again on the camera nest. 

    Hope one or two or all the new fledglings visit the nest, fingers crossed for a resident pair next year.

  • Thank you so much Geemeff and Jill.   I really have got myself in a muddle with ospreys this year, not only LA.  Too much else going on around me :(   I get told facts which immediately go flying out the other side.  It's just so good to hear there are more nests and chicks around which is the main thing.  Another area which is slowly building a colony.

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    I really have got myself in a muddle with ospreys this year

    Oh how very understandable that is    

    I'm in the same club, SHEILA  

    I've carefully read your info above, GEEMEFF, and it's busy tumbling in my washing-machine brain - thank you


  • Blast from the past - the final sighting of Aila 22nd August 2020. We didn't know then that it was indeed the very last sight of her.... RIP Aila