• Diane; Thanks for following up on Heather's musings re OG. Good to know it's them, not her.
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    Diane in Indiana said:
    Lindy: It was Heather's idea. She's the smart one.

    LOL!!!   Well, the pair of you have set our minds at rest.

  • Pat - I bought a gadget some years ago to transfer all our vinyl to digital files on my pc. It did indeed take a long time to do, one bit at a time. Then I bought another gadget to transfer our cassettes, but now, I can't face fighting with my pc. It's still in the packaging.
    When I first got a desktop, I worked hard to get to grips with it. Then they "updated" it. Then they brought in Windows 10 before I'd even got used to Windows 8! <sigh>
  • Home from zapping by 9.10 am, even though I chatted on way out to an acquaintance undergoing similar & stopped for petrol. Nothing planned for the day except getting lunch & tea. I shall obey ROSY’s instructions to read & snooze! Thanks to ALL for thoughts & healing energy.

    Just a thought

    Friends are the family we choose for ourselves.

  • Thanks for starting us off Diane. I am just trying to catch up with so many posts already but have just read your description of all the birds and hawks gathering. What a sight it must have been. You are indeed blessed with woodland close to home. Do hope you managed to get the car started and was able to get in provisions without too much hastle..


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    AQ - not sure what you mean by zapping as I've probably missed reading something but hope everything is OK now.. Pity about the bush fires do hope no-one was hurt..

    Lindybird - there is a gadget on the market that says it will reorganise your photos and put them into catagories and delete duplicates automatically. Was thinking of getting one as prefer to use my main computer which every few years I have to send for another refurbished one - suits me. Not sure whether to go ahead though. Can't remember what it is called. Just looked it up, think it is Photostick. Might go ahead will have to think about it.

    Weather here is pretty dull with occasional sunshine.

    OH had his 3monthly unltrasound today and everything is ok thank goodness(aortic aneurism). Also had his call up for the Covid vaccination which is on Sunday but has to travel over 10 miles to a general collection point to receive it. Just got to wait for my call up now which hopefully will be within the next month.


    RSPB Giving Nature a Home



  • LYNETTE – I have 15 days of Radiation treatment after breast cancer surgery. Was only a small lump. The bushfire destroyed 2 farmhouses, many sheds & tractors, etc and many sheep. Already hay has been donated for the surviving animals.

  • Evening all:

    Lynette:  Good that your OH's test was encouraging and that he's got his Covid date.

    Went for walk this afternoon along the mesa and saw an osprey perched on the top of the bluff, all wet from fishing (but no fish in sight).  It  attracted quite a few admirers before taking off for a lower perch out of view.   Hope it got dinner.

    Another evening with Van Gogh - God, but he's a challenge!  :-))

  • DIANE - sorry, missed your question to me last evening! I'd shut internet down early as very tired.