• Lindybird:  Brilliant - get me a nice bottle of red wine and some dark chocolate. Also good that your hard drive requires no effort; now I'm wondering about Heather's back up thingy.   Re OG, at least we get to whine and rant to each other.  Hope they get sorted out soon.

  • My turn to whine & rant LOL. Medi staff cheerfully said “That’s end of first week” and I thought “It’s only 4 days”. Then they asked about my weekend plans. Yes, well, a lot to look forward to - staying home? I was early, was praised,  I was first for the day and out of there by 8.35 am! The coolest day this & next week so, having taken my camera, I drove to Port Adelaide, wandered ½ hour photo-ing, then home, lunch, sleep and here it is 3 pm with reading to be done before tea. BTW all of next week’s appts are between 8.30 & 9 am. No parking problems!

  • Bacon is so good by itself that to put it in any other food is an admission of failure. You're basically saying, I can't make this other food taste good, so I'll throw in bacon. (Penn Jillette)

    Bacon bits are like the fairy dust of the food community. (Jim Gaffigan)

    It's a proven fact that all plans involving bacon have a 90 percent better chance of working out. (Jeff Gunhus)

  • LINDA – I shall be interested to hear how the “punched” arm continues. How long before second jab?

    Aussieland has not yet approved any vaccine, probably very soon and jabs starting next month. Yesterday no “locally-transmitted” covid in whole of Aust. The only few cases were Aussies returned from overseas & already in quarantine hotels. Complaints of double standards with 10,000s of Aussies still trying to get home, yet tennis players are being flown in for 2 weeks quarantine before Aussie Open. There is a bunch in a brand new hotel in North Adelaide, allowed out for 5 hours practice a day under strict supervision, for exhibition matches at end of month.

  • AQ:  Dang, OZ is doing really well while our numbers are climbing - I'm assuming it's still the holiday surge here.   Big weekend plans I see - about as busy as mine.  :-)  Your day sounds pretty good - how many more four-day weeks left?

    Somehow got hooked on Babylon Berlin (German series set in Germany before WWII). The production is very good, the pace is fast; they did a great job on dubbing and the dubbed voices actually seem to go with the faces/characters in the story, but it's rather grim and appears to be getting a whole lot grimmer, so not sure how much longer I'll stick with it.  I may be forced to watch Doc Martin reruns.    Meanwhile,  my Starry Night jigsaw is about 50% done and should be getting easier in that there are only about 500 pieces left. Trouble is they're all blue!

  • ANNETTE - Next week 5 days, then 4 days (Aust Day holiday on 26th) and finish with 2 days in Feb to make up the magic 15. I haven't been out so many days in a row for. . .  years!!! As for covid, our country has believed in early sudden severe lockdowns and worry about the economy later.

    I am off to watch "Planet of Treasures" with Christopher Clark. A series on UNESCO World Heritage sites. Tonight SE Asia. Followed by on ancient version of "Escape to the Country". Another knitted beanie completed.

  • ANNETTE - My son in law says that he will check the Passport when he is here sometime. I will put the desktop pc on today and investigate. I hadn't given it a thought, before !
    I'm hoping that OG and family are OK.
    A quiet day here, again.
  • Good Morning. Awoke to temps of minus 2, plus the often seen fog/mist which meant we couldn't even see if it was raining! But it seems to have stopped now thank goodness. The garden is under water in part. My poor snowdrops & daffs - bulbs don't like being soaked.

    My OH is out in the driveway painting his old garage shelves with stop rust paint as he says he can't find any which are as good to replace them! Its still below zero degrees and he's wearing a boiler suit with old trousers and sweater over that. <sigh> His arm aches less now and he has no idea when he will get called back for his 2nd jab, as the policy has changed now for everyone to get a first one in, to give more people protection, before they start giving out the 2nd ones. Makes sense to me: the first jab gives you quite a high percentage of protection, and we need to get as many people done as possible to stop this nasty thing.

    Thanks to AQ for a good laugh first thing today, re the bacon jokes. Pleased to see that whilst you were out, you took the opportunity of an escape with the camera. I love those Escape to the Country episodes, where I drool over the farmhouse type kitchens etc. "Its nice, but too small" they usually say....
  • Heather, you came on whilst I was wittering. Hope you are keeping cosy there, there seems to have been lots of snow in Scotland and quite dramatic pics of it on the News.

    Our new boiler is humming away. I had to ask my OH to turn down the temperature of the hot water twice, as it is coming out of the taps scalding hot. Also, I kept turning the heating off yesterday as I was too warm! So the new addition seems to be very efficient and now of course I wish I had demanded we got it changed years ago, when it first began leaking and struggling. I had been thinking "Its just old age, I always feel cold these days" but actually it was because the radiators were never hot enough! Maybe I'm not as old and frail as I thought I was, LOL!