• Lindy - I wouldn't want all my music on my computer! I have had two computers 'die' on me and know what a pain it is to download and reload documents from a dead computer to a new one. I would not want to have to do that with music as well. So my Brennan stands alone and stores my music. And I have it linked to decent speakers - music doesn't sound good out of computer speakers. But I like the idea of the Photostick - I must explore that. I still have lots of photographs from my latest 'dead' computer which someone has rescued for me and put on a flash drive. Not looking forward to the ages they are going to take to download - I'm still working on the documents from a different flash drive. It's a good way to do a but of 'housekeeping' ... but an absolute pain and consumes a huge amount of time.

    Hasn't stopped raining here since yesterday morning ... miserable. Can't see me getting out for a walk today - again! Hope everyone is OK - especially OG. And pleased to hear AQ's treatment is still going smoothly. Take care, everyone.
  • AQ  Good that all is going smoothly.
    HARELADY - have you had your second blood test, sorry, can't recall but think it was due...
    LINDY - I'm puzzled about your difficulty getting on here using your tablet - the oldest one I use can still post on here. The only difficulty I have is it I'm using it when too far away from the bt hub. The two rooms here that are extensions are beyond the original house outside wall, if you know what I mean! The signal is poor in those rooms, that is the wee family room and the conservatory .
    Nothing exciting happening here, I haven't been out of the house this week. My hairdresser will not be coming here next Monday, obviously. Eldest son in law is at home as he is not needed at the school ( lab tech) Middle daughter only working at one of her schools as not permitted to work in two different schools. Granddaughter Katie is furloughed as is grandson Callum. Eldest daughter still working at her nursery with keyworkers' children.

  • Just FYI, I backup everything periodically onto a Passport (smallishexternal hard drive). Keep misplacing/mixing up those tiny flash drives....

    Warm here today. Too warm for January.
  • Oh dear -- I thought this might happen.. If I don't write on here first thing in the morning, I forget and then the day just takes off without me. Heather, I've always had problems getting on this site with my tablet, even though its been fine with lots of other places I access. Its as if the Site doesn't like me, I'm afraid. If I didn't like everyone here so much I would have given up years ago. The tiny text on my phone gives me a headache if I use it too much, and I have to drop everything and come in here to the study to use the desktop.....

    So now here I am, on the desktop. I find that the Internet has been both a blessing and a curse, as I've enjoyed it so much in many ways, but I seem to have endless problems with the tech side.

    Annette & Lynette: I have a large box which my Eldest gave me for my birthday once and said it was a backup system in case I lost anything on the pc: I have no idea how it works or how to access it, it just sits there! I have also been considering putting some of my thousands of photos from my mobile phone onto a small gadget: there are many on the market, Lynette, besides the Photostick, but I've no idea which one would be best so have held off. Quite often I just go into a shop and copy my pictures onto a disc, so that I've got them somewhere else, but then my son said that even they deteriorate with time. I argued that I will probably deteriorate faster than that, and when I'm gone, no one will want to see my pictures anyway!
  • My OH had his covid jab yesterday, so we are very pleased. He had a stiff arm after a couple of hours, and now says it feels as if someone punched him there, but otherwise he is fine. Some of his friends are jealous, but they are with a different doctors practice, and anyway, he pointed out that we are near to the beginning of the alphabet and they are near the end, LOL!!
  • There's a little box connected to my computer (!) and my eldest son in law tells me that it is an external hard drive aka passport, ANNETTE ! Unlike you, I hadn't the faintest idea what it was. Now I know..
  • Heather:  Passport is a brand name.  You  might check with SiL because I have to copy my folders, etc., manually - it isn't automatic, whereas your computer will automatically save stuff to its hard drive.

    Lindybird:   I'm assuming your eldest connected the box to your computer, in which case you may still have to manually copy (click and drag) stuff over there.  

    I don't use the Cloud - that's where my knowledge ends.  I prefer to save things here and not out 'there' although that could be old-world thinking.  :-)

  • ANNETTE apparently it is a WD Passport but more than that I need to find out. I do nothing with it or to it !
  • Annette - I don't use the Cloud either, preferring to keep things where I have control over them. I don't want to send them somewhere into the ether where for all I know anyone can see them! Probably not true, but I don't want to take that chance. I used to train people to use computers, back in the dark ages, and my mantra was 'Always back everything up'. Do I do it??? Guess!!!
  • Annette, its connected,and he said I don't have to do anything for it to work.

    I see we still haven't heard from OG - hopefully she is as frustrated as we are!

    AQ - Glad to see that you are resting lots, you are doing the right thing, I'm sure. The world will still turn without you getting up and rushing around! HUGS.

    Spent a frustrating morning trying to sort out some finance problem for my errant brother: one day I swear I'll tell him to get over here and do it all himself! (for those who don't know,... he's in Johannesburg.)