Back later to catch up.

  • Annette: Thank you very much for starting the threads lately. I meant to start tonight's, but I was installing and activating my new modem-router! Yay! The best part is that my internet carrier replaced my dead one free of charge as part of my service.

    I have internet on my phone, but I chose a plan with minimal data to save money, because I HATE using the phone for internet use, anyway. A phone screen is too small, and my gnarly ol' fingers need the more comfortable full keyboard on my PC. I've kept up with everyone's news, but I apologize for not responding to posts recently.

    So, the technology gods have finally smiled on me, and I now have an upgraded phone that will recognize my carrier's signal at my house, and I have working internet. Woo-Hoo! Dang, I missed the web. 

  • Diane:  I also can't stand do anything on my phone other than talking to people and for directions, etc when I'm out and about.    I really loathe texting except in emergencies - it's so intrusive. Anyway, glad you're sorted and with no $$$ outlay.  Meanwhile, went down to the beach today so the sounds of the surf could drown out all the incredibly negative stuff issuing from points East.  Can't bear to talk or even think about it.  Have been watching Twin Peaks (!) while doing the jigsaw the last few evenings - for 'light' relief.  :-)

    Have read everyone's news re visits from family, Covid shots and the weather.  Will be sure to keep up better next week.  Take care everyone.

  • Thanks ANNETTE for starting us off. Yeay, DIANE is back – missed you. It does seem that there is light in the tunnel pointing East. Catching up on last week, I see PAT is in her Sunday best, ROSY’s OH has had his first jab (too bad you have to wait), more snowy pics from LINDA.

    I am hibernating, although here near the beach it is only 35 C, 2 degrees less than city. Another wasted afternoon – 2 hour nanny nap – not that I had planned anything other than reading. [Later] Dau phoned for chat. Trio have swimming lessons this week, indoors but afternoons in hottest part of day.

  • Just a thought

    There are more things to alarm us than to harm us, and we suffer more often in apprehension than reality. (Seneca)

  • ANNETTE Thank you for starting us up and so good that DIANE is back. I finally finished my old "Twelve days of Christmas" yesterday and will start another later today.

    We had such a good day on Thursday. OH took Benson to be groomed. We were so pleased she was allowed to be working as his paws badly needed a trim. OH tries but he finds it difficult with Benson squirming. We went together to collect him and just before we left we saw a red squirrel pootling in the garden. We decided to walk at the uni grounds on the way home and we saw 4 swans doing a circuit- probably checking out the lake which was fairly icy-. the sound of their wings beating is just so awesome.
  • Good morning all from a very cold Suffolk. It has been at freezing or just above for a few days now but today it says its 3 degrees, however,  when I went out to garden to put warm water in the bird baths they were frozen solid and the blocks I removed yesterday and day before were still frozen on the lawn.

    Thanks for all your wonderful posts - especially from distant lands as it gives us a view from other Countries, especially with all that is happening in the US at the moment.

    AQ - so sorry that you has had another outbreak of the virus when you have all worked so hard.

    3 of us at work that are not directors have been told that we are being furloughed again from Monday and that they will review it a week at a time. They are a very caring company and were worried that I would suffer most as I am on my own and said to call them anytime I feel like a chat.

    Of course, like you all I am missing my family and Grandchildren and like Lindy I do occasionally get tearful, but then tell myself to be thankful that we are all healthy. Too many people that I know, now know someone who has had it or has it and one close friend lost a pal who was in his 50s with no underlying conditions who had been very careful.

    I was surprised but pleased to get a call from my doctors surgery to say I need to come in for my annual blood tests and blood pressure test - so I am booked in tomorrow at 9am.

    Then Tuesday the car goes for its MOT and service- fingers crossed. I though long and hard about the service as I have done much less mileage this year but decided to do it anyway in the hope that in a few months time I can be dashing off to visit family.

    Have a good week all and stay safe.

  • I'm here!! Just got up late...

    Great to hear from Diane again :-))
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    aquilareen said:

    Just a thought

    There are more things to alarm us than to harm us, and we suffer more often in apprehension than reality. (Seneca)

    You've reminded me of that line from the film Strictly Ballroom - 'a life lived in fear is a life half lived'.

    Our herring gulls are red listed birds.  Think about that the next time you hear some flaming idiot calling for a cull of them.

  • Hi, Clare! A couple of days ago, you asked how I am. I was waiting to get my internet restored, and I failed to answer you. I really appreciate your kindness! I'm okay. Losing my job (due to the covid economic crisis) has been a rough transition for me. But, I'm too mean to keep down. LOL I hope you and Limpy are well and as happy as possible, given the circumstances. Stay safe. Sending you and everyone on this thread strength and protective energy. Thanks again for inquiring about me.

    I wanted to tell you and everyone what happened the other day. I was sitting outdoors (in the cold!) charging my car battery. I haven't been driving enough, because covid numbers are ghastly here and lots of shops and services, like the libraries, are closed. 

    Anyway, my patch was full of beautiful birds. A flock of goldfinches. A catbird. Red-bellied and pileated woodpeckers. Red cardinals and blue jays. And a lovely little Carolina wren perched on a branch over my shoulder and sang the most glorious little song to me. 

    Suddenly, the crows flew in and they were making a ruckus, obviously very distressed. I looked around, and in a tall white sycamore tree were four hawks! 4!!! R.T. Hawk and his mate, plus two juveniles. The young were both orange-red like R.T. His mate is a light morph with lots of creamy white feathers, like the famous Pale Male hawk in New York City. Apparently, on my patch, last year's young are wintering with mom and dad. Here's what I think happened. 

    Last spring, a pair of very large barred owls decided to nest in the woods across from my driveway lane. R.T. and his mate didn't like that decision at all. The two species are competitors and that was too close to where the hawks were nesting in the flood plain south of my house. Immediately conflict began to brew between the two species. I think the owls must have raided the hawk nest and probably destroyed their eggs or took the new chicks. Shortly after that, the barred owls abandoned their nest and left. R.T. Hawk's mate is a big, formidable hawk. I suspect she and R.T. drove the owls out of my woods. 

    I reckon the hawks tried again and laid more eggs late in the season. So the juveniles probably weren't quite old enough to go establish their own territories. I wish you could've seen them all in the tree together!

  • Wow! what a great a story and very descriptive - I can image it all. I had to look up catbird though.

    Glad you have got wifi fixed - doers your new phone have a camera? I would love to see your area to see if it as I imagine.