Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 2 August 2020

  • I may go back to using the school swimming pool in Culloden Academy when it opens again. I do remember that not surprisingly the changing facilities were not great. A bit of a come down after going to a fitness club, on the other hand it is only a 20 min walk away. Probably worth giving it a once over, we'll see. Can't see the pool opening for at least a couple of months anyway.
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    Hey, dibnlib:

    Many years ago, I had a rowing machine. It gave me the best exercise of any regimen I tried, and it didn't hurt my joints. It would be gentle, rather like swimming. Also, you wouldn't have to travel to use it (especially if there's another lockdown).

    They come in all price ranges. Here's a couple of fairly inexpensive ones. HERE and HERE. This is on U.S. Amazon, but you can probably order about the same machines on U.K. Amazon. One of these is magnetic and one is hydraulic. I prefer the hydraulic kind, because there's less that can break down with them. 

    Anyway, just thought I'd try to help, because I felt bad that you lost your swimming option.

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    I had trouble copying one of the links above, but I've fixed it now. Try again if one of them didn't work.
  • Still raining .... . That's about all there is to say about today! Looks like more of the same tomorrow, but then picks up for the weekend - hope so.

    J has had a message from head of the Academy - still no concrete news of what they will do on the INSET days Monday and Tuesday and when the kids arrive Wednesday, but it's good to know he's on the case.
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    Thanks for that DIANE . I had wondered about a rowing machine. I think I would prefer that to a static bike.
  • Hello all, not been on yet this week as trying to sort out a problem on my bank account.

    Hope alls well with you and despite the weather in some parts of the country you are all bearing up with the problems that this virus is throwing up. My DIL went back to work for 3 wks only to be signed off by her doctor again as the virus has left her with strange symptoms. As her work is mentally and physically demanding she was finding very difficult to concentrate. She is now thinking of retiring having worked for the NHS for 40 years or so.

    Been having problems with a transaction I had on my account. I'd ordered 2 sets of plastic drawer units and that went through OK through PAYPAL. However the other week I looked on my phone at the order and contacted the seller re the hyped up proce of £125.99 instead of 24.99. Unfortunately, doing it on my phone someone must have managed to put it throughPAYPAL on my debit account. Well, I didn;'t authorise such a payment , to cut a long story short was on the phone to my bank this afternoon and they have concluded that it is a fraudulant transaction - that is after I'd already taken it up with PayPal and EBay. They have now refunded me - whew!!!


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  • Brrr. Temp down to -0.3 C this morn, frost on the lawn, probably the car too. I’m not venturing out until after 9 am, the excuse being that the traffic to shops will be less. Some restrictions imposed again in SA due to 2 new cases each day for a week. Only 10 people allowed in house for visits. Certain businesses named as having been used by new cases recently. OH says he feels uncomfortable lunching out. He has a pocket-sized sanitizer when he touches anything (bus).

    OG – I thought I read that virus nos were rising UpOver, so dining out, courtesy of Boris, does not sound sensible for you. Congrats on coping with new ‘puter.

    DIBNLIB – So many businesses will unfortunately not survive the lockdown & downturn. Always the ones our favourites.

    LYNETTE – Good that you got your bank problem sorted. I dislike phone & internet payments – I don’t feel in control.

  • Just a thought

    The more things change, the more they stay the same:
    the skylark's song, fresh roses after rain,
    have something more, an added dimension,
    by which we know their first, unchanged, intention. (Karen Rene)

  • Food shopping completed. I panic-buy-ed a number of items I would normally have left until next week. More dire news from VIC. A week ago their daily new cases were over 700, then dropped to around 400, alas today 725 and 15 more deaths, mostly those in aged care but one man in 30s. I am fed up with people who claim their “sovereign  right” to break restrictions, to not wear a mask, to not give name, etc to police (police have had to smash car windows to arrest them), and worst of all cough, sneeze or bash police & paramedics. Sorry, rant over.

    OH is out to lunch – again. Oh well, I need to provide smaller evening meal.  

  • Evening all:

    Lynette:  Sorry to hear that your DiL is having covid-related issues still.  We're hearing more about these long-term effects some people are having. I hope it doesn't linger too long.  Glad you got that charge on your account credited.

    AQ:  I think we're all with you on those who insist on their 'rights.'   Stay warm.

    Have a good Wednesday everyone.