Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 2 August 2020


The moon turns full on Monday, 3 August, in the U.K. and U.S.

I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe week! 

  • DIANE – Thank you for giving us a brand new week. You may be interested in how by using satellite photos they traced the tree that started the Gospers bushfire.

    OG & EE – I hope you had a wonderful anniversary. Perhaps some “remember when” stories?

    Numbers down at church and it was freezing cold. I invited myself to deliver knickers, so Dau has invited us to afternoon tea. I shall warn Grumpy to be in a better mood than last time we saw Trio.

    Our state continues its strict restrictions. All returned travellers from overseas are placed in quarantine hotels for 14 days at own expense. A paramedic who volunteered to help in Victoria has tested positive, likewise to hotel. In VIC ¼ of those with the virus and supposed to be isolating at home were not. Many continued to go to work! No wonder cases & deaths continue high there. One report noted the day the number was 723 in VIC, the UK had 846 tested positive. VIC 6.3m people, UK 67m?

  • I really need a day between Saturday and Sunday.”

    Weekends don’t count unless you spend them doing something completely pointless (Bill Watterson)

    I hope that your weekend is worth the wait. Enjoy!

  • Evening all:

    Diane: Thank you!   Shall keep an eye out for the moon.   How are you doing in the wilds of Indiana?  I see the two SpaceX astronauts who went to the ISS are due to splash down off Florida tomorrow at 2:40 local time.  I'll miss it.  

    AQ:  14 days in a hotel at own expense?  That should be a deterrent.   Are they fining the folks who are AWOL from quarantine?

    Turns out Friday was my lazy day, but managed to continue the trend after lunch this p.m.  Tomorrow, oddly enough and even more confusing in re 'which day of the week is it?'  I have a doc's appointment with my dermatologist, who is in the office Sundays and Mondays only these days.  I can only assume she or someone in her family is high-risk and she's avoiding the office (and other docs/patients) during the week.  

    Have a good Sunday everyone (or Monday in AQ's case).

  • Bad night, but woke up early - rain in night but bright sunshine now!
  • OG Same here, a very pleasant morning so probably off to the canal again.
  • Good Morning. Very nice sunshine here, but not hot. May walk into the town as there's a Craft Market today on a bit of green space so that everyone can spread out a bit.

    AQ, Sorry to hear that things are so bad in Victoria, people seem to have no sense.

    Thanks to Diane for starting us off again.

  • Thank you DIANE!
    A cool but pleasant day here - nice for DIBNLIBs walk.
    Hope that LINDY and her OH have enjoyed their walk to town and that AQ was successful in changing Grumpy into Happy......
  • Thank you Diane.

    AQ, That link about the bushfire is fascinating. Thank you. I had no idea of all that info. available (to those who can interpret it!)

    Dinblibs and Lindy's walks sound good plans for the morning.

    I have not been out today, apart from watering, but we have neighbourly drinks in the garden this evening.
  • Rosy: Thanks for reminding me to go back and check AQ's link re the forest fires - fascinating I know that German lightning site; it's interesting..  

    Not much else to report; have manage to get marmalade on my fingers an now the keyboard..... sigh.