• Today chick #1 is 17 days old, #2 is 15 days, #3 is 13 days and #4 is 10 days old.
  • Good Morning KAREN Think babes are tucked under Maya as much as possible
  • Morning Patily. She is a super mum and doing her best - so difficult as they are getting so big. Thankfully, according to the forecast, these strong winds/gusts are to die down later today.
  • FISH @ 06;27

    Maya is quickly up and starts feeding the chicks

    06:28  33 flies off 

    06:31  very difficult to make out but all chicks appear to be lined up and being fed with #4 at the front!

    06:41 One of the older chicks has had enough leaving the other along with #3 and #4 being fed

    06:45 still eating

    06:49  Feed over

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  • It is very difficult to see Karen if all four heads are there, I can see 3 and one of them is #4 chick....  I think if it could go and eat the fish itself it would, it is so desperate  to get a mouthful


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  • Hi Mary - it is always difficult to see this time of the morning but we can easily spot #4 for it is usually in front :-D.

    I think #4 could very well be the first to attempt eating a fish itself :-D

  • It will be interesting to watch No.4's progress Karen, and see if your prediction comes true

     EJ's Photo Thread    Balgavies Loch Ospreys 2020

  • It loves its fish so every chance Mary LOL   Last year 057, the fourth chick and also had a huge appetite, was forward and it had a go very early.    I do think #4 is female btw :-)

    Meantime, checking the nest and Maya is giving the chicks a top up.  And as we have come to expect, #4 is in front :-D

    07:40  33 arrives.  The chicks are beginning to get full

    07:42  33 flies off and #4 manages another bit :-D

    07:45  Feed over.  All chicks lying down - full

    07:47 well I thought the feed was over but LOL #4 keeps mum company and has another bit :-D

    07:51  Feed now over.  Maya moves from the fish and cleans up

    © Leicestershire & Rutland Wildlife Trust

    I wont be around much today so happy viewing and I'll catch up later.  BFN

  • 09.50 Aran flew off, and Maya began to feed.  None is very enthusiastic at the moment.  

    With the caveat I may have got No1 and 2 muddled:  # 2 is lying near Maya and able to take beakful.  Then #1.   #2 is mobile and sitting up!  

    #4 looks up with its back to Maya, lying between #1 and #2, but shows no interest.

    That top-up was sufficient for those able to taken on board some more, and now Maya has her turn

    She is in no hurry to keep them warm.  The sunshine may be misleading.  70+ miles south it is very wind and quite chilly compared to recent days.

    #4 is lying between #1 and #2, and not interested in more food at the moment

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