• Aww that's wonderful news Alison and thank you Richard for the capture, looking so well.

    Sandra I had a look back and think PTO was thought to be male.

    Osprey chicks 2018

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    I think the staff thought PT0 was female although the ringer thought male.
    This from a blog towards the end of the 2018 season
    'In the final few days before PT0 left, we saw that the juvenile had surpassed the size of LM12, which has made many of us at the visitor centre believe that PT0 is actually female. It’s difficult to know the sex of the birds until they return to breed themselves, but there are a few indicators. Females are usually larger, which is why we are questioning PT0’s sex, and often have a darker breast band.'

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    Thank you Korky, I did wonder if there had been some doubt.

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    Many thanks Starling and Korky :)
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    Sandra P said:
    Unringed, dark chested, osprey on the nest just after 8:10

    Better late than never (old cleeshay)... I've just done a catchup and came across her - so I came here to cross-reference my calculated time, and then saw the Raven, which I had a heckuva job to find, it disappeared between the frames.  That was a lesson, but I would have to spend 10 times as long checking thru to be sure of not missing anything :(

    Funnily enough, a Great Tit posed no problem: