Here's hoping Clarach comes back safely from migration and has a more successful year. Here's the link to the last post of last year's thread. She's 'due' back on 10 April. 

Here's a bit of her history at this nest.

2017, first breeding season. Clarach arrived 19 April 2017, and mated with unknown male, laying 3 eggs 4th, 7th and 10th May. The third chick hatched/died 15th June, the other two on 12th and 13th June. Male LHO took his first flight 4th August, Male LH1 9th August. Clarach departed 1st September, LHO 3rd, LH1 12th September.

Clarach came back in 2018 but sadly lost her eggs to ravens. In 2019, she returned on 10 April, and partnered first with White CL, a 2008 bird hatched at Loch Lomond. He disappeared and was replaced by an unringed male on 3 May, and Clarach was seen to be incubating by 6 May (who was the daddy...?!). But she'd abandoned the nest by the end of May and Dyfi posted that her eggs had been predated. It was difficult to keep up with the nest as the webcam failed but FLS posted updates on their Facebook page.

Fingers crossed for this year, for both Clarach and the webcam.

  • Thanks Korky, let's also hope for a decently working camera. Ian

  • Thanks for the new thread and the additional information, Korky :)

    Here's hoping for Clarach's safe migration back to Aberfoyle and a better season that we can all share on here - webcam allowing

  • Thanks Korky, hopefully we will have a good season, with our beloved birds returning safely, we are all ready and waiting!

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  • Great, thanks Korky . In Spades as someone else somewhere else has said (Fingers crossed for this year, for both Clarach and the webcam.
  • Thank you, KORKY! Great start for dear Clarach!

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  • Thanks Korky for starting off the new season and for the brief history of the nest which is very helpful for as you say, it was very difficult to keep up last year but lets hope she returns and the webcam is functional.

    I will be visiting Lake of Menteith during the season which is nearby and plan to visit so fingers crossed.

  • I LOVE Clarach and find it so sad tat she hasn't bred for the last 2 years I ofen play "Soar " and think of her I so hope she returns safely and has a successful season It would be wonderful if you get to see her KAREN
  • Me too :PATILY> A very special lady.
  • Korky, Thanks for the new thread and the summary about Clarach on this nest. Like other posters here, I hope Clarach returns to Aberfoyle or at least to another nest with a camera!

    Kind regards, 


  • I went to Aberfoyle today. FLS say the camera has been fixed and will be switched on in April. They think Clarach abandoned the eggs last year because the male wasn't feeding her, perhaps because he had another nest to provision. There was some old footage from 2017, Clarach's first year - nice to see her in the footage with her chicks, LH0, whose tracker was taken off in Spain for some reason, much to the ringer's annoyance (rightly so), and LH1 - were either seen in the UK last year?
    Photos to follow

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