• Korky and Sandra.
    The predation was mentioned early on in the season BUT it was largely based on speculation as IIRC the camera had failed and they only had access to a distant one. My recollection is that Corvids were thought to be responsible.
    The camera is not monitored even when it is working and relies upon the visitor centre staff having the opportunity to look at it from time to time. The staff were very helpful but restricted as to what they could see themselves.
    The real shame here is that it involves Clarach, a bird many of us, not least Emyr! were anxious and interested to follow.
    I'm sure a some point on one of the Dyfi facebook posts the view was expressed that our best chance of news was if Clarach 'obliged' by calling at Dyfi on her way back to Africa and was caught on camera! Now that would have been a moment to savour.

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