Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 16 February 2020


I hope you all have a wonderful week! I'm thinking of all of you in the monster Storm Dennis. I hope you all stay safe and secure! Take care, everyone.

  • Fine day, blue sky, mid 20s, humidity 50%, light breeze. No rain forecast for this week. Dau & Co dropped in for a quick visit on way to beach. Box of Dau’s “stuff” found in garage has departed. S-i-l cleaned our a/c filters. So a successful visit! I think I deserve a day off from garage-culling and I shall spend rest of afternoon with a book.
  • Diane:  Thank you!  

    AQ: Sounds like a rare easy day for you.

    Lindybird:  Sorry to read that BiL isn't doing well - I do hope his appetite improves soon.  I'm sorry to be dense, but what is the diagnosis?  I remember something about heart problem, but maybe I'm muddling that up with Heather's stepdaughter....  That special dinner sounds lovely - glad you put it off a day so you and OH could enjoy it properly.  

    OG: Hope you stay safe.  Was just looking at the Wundermap and it looks like it' tailing off in your area but clobbering Wales and points east right now.  

    Take care all.

  • Good Morning, after a very windy and wet night! Hope everyone in the UK is alright.

    Annette, you're muddled: it's Lynette's b.i.l. who is ill in hospital. I do hope he's turning the corner now, though, as its very hard when the drugs they give you stop you from eating.

    AQ - A productive day! Glad you found time to sit with a book after the good work was done.

    We're up early and gathering things up to go off to our Youngest s for little Rosie's baptism. The roads will be wet and the day is rainy, but hopefully none shut or anything.

    Have a good Sunday everyone.

  • We're being pretty clobbered right now, and through most of the night. Very high winds. There is a big tree some fifty yards away which has been at a strange angle for some years. Every time we get a high wind I look at it and wonder how much longer it can stand. It's wobbling like a loose tooth at the moment, but still hanging on. Torrential squally rain as well. And I have to go out in an hour or so … not a long drive, but going anywhere in this will be a challenge. The forecast is pretty horrible for the rest of the day.
  • Take care, LINDY and PAT and indeed anyone else here who has to go out.
  • Hi all from a very wet and windy Suffolk. Its bad here so I cannot imagine what the west is getting right now. Can't remember if I told you that my Olive tree blew over  in last weeks storm. Well after calling a lot of gardeners one agreed to come on Wednesday and he thought it stood a chance if he got it back in the ground straight away. I mentioned Storm Dennis but he said he would stake it well. I also asked him to give it a good prune. Well yesterday it started listing slightly so I put some heavy concrete block against the base but this morning it is started to lift out of the ground again.

    Not sure what to do - Ive already paid £50 for the work last week but don't think he dug a deep enough hole so maybe I will try someone else. Any thoughts?I just don't want to lose it as the birds love it and its right next to their feeding station.

    Its still going to be very wet and windy for the rest of the day and possible tomorrow as well so will monitor it and decide what to do later.

    Take care all who are out and about today. I rarely miss church but don't want to drive as we get a lot of flooding around here and its too bad to work so I have just listed to the Sunday Service on Radio 4 to make up for not going.

    Have a good Sunday all.

  • Lindybird:  Thanks for setting me straight.  And Lynette:  Those good wishes are still in force!  :-)

    Harelady: Oh that's distressing about the olive tree.  The roots get saturated.  You could call the guy who tried to stabilize it but it sounds like an iffy proposition.....  Good luck.   How was your tea with Elly Griffiths?  I've just finished reading The Janus Stone and found it pleasantly diverting....

    Sounds really nasty there; am about to check the UK weather headlines...

  • Harelady - You were quite right not to try to get to church this morning. I had only a mile and half to go, along a major road, to my own church, and even that was pretty horrible. We have cancelled our evening service, although the weather seems to have calmed down a bit, at least for the moment. There is a lot of water around, and bits of trees. But other parts of the country are suffering far more than we are.
  • In reply to Annette in SoCal:

    Hi Annette - thanks to Storm Ciara last weekend I didn't get there as the route has small roads with trees either side and can be flooded, but she is doing a tour so I may get to see here somewhere else.Glad you enjoyed The Janus Stone - I am waiting for her latest to come in at the library.

    It seems a bit calmer here as well now but still raining. Hope my route to work is ok tomorrow.

  • Hi everyone -- hope you're all in one piece! We had a very wet journey south & we saw a lot of flooded fields on the way - it rained for the entire morning. But we've had lovely day, and enjoyed ourselves with the family. Sadly  the winds near our Eldest,  who lives in St Albans,  were  just too scary for them to travel and so they did not come

    This is Matthew, who was a little shy with lots of people in his house, but managed to eat about 52 breadsticks! Even though he declined any cake: