Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 24 November 2019

  • It seems to last for several days here, too now, AQ! We, too, have multiple roadworks, but in spite of this the potholes seem to be growing more & more, locally.

    I can't live without potatoes.... baked, boiled, roasted, fried, layered & oven cooked, I love 'em all....

    We are off to visit our Youngests family again on Sunday, as it's Tomasz's 9th birthday (I know, I can't believe it either....) More requests for sausage rolls, though not as many this time, as Eldest & family have a prior engagement. So today I got to baking again, to save time tomorrow. Request for present was cash towards a new bicycle, but of course I have also bought several presents as well. I seem to remember someone saying to me when the grandchildren began to arrive "You'll find your purse is empty"

  • Evening all:

    Heather:  I can see why you'd be blindsided by the photos.  Just shows how our feelings are often lurking just below the surface.....  Is there a family member who could help tidy up/move your OH's file?

    OG: Very hard to imagine chaos in your house!  

    Lynette:   Glad you finally ordered  the computer for your OH; that's a big decision.

    AQ: Thanks for the additional info on the City of Adelaide.  Better photos too.  Can't imagine spending 90-days on ir...

    Nodding off here folks, signing off so have a nice Saturday.

  • In reply to Annette in SoCal:

    ANNETTE: That healthcare documentary you suggested looks very interesting! Thank you. It would only let me watch the trailer, not the full film, but I put it on my list of PBS content to watch for. At some point, my local PBS station (Indianapolis) will probably stream it. I hope so.
  • Good Morning. Bright sunshine here, but there's been a good frost in the night.

  • Bright sunshine and heavy frost here as well. I got home late last night from a meeting and the temperature in my car was 0.0 degrees! Still fighting the 'emergency' road works, but it only took me half an hour longer than normal to get home last night. We are told they expect to finish by Thursday - oh no, another six days!!!!!

    Black Friday again. It seems to have been going on for about a fortnight so far. The funniest thing I heard yesterday was an advertisement that boldly announced, 'Black Friday ends on Monday!'

    Have a good day, everyone.
  • Lovely cold bright and sunny Saturday – glad I am indoors, but OH has had to go down to church for final printing of magazine. (Unfortunately realised how soon next one will be needed too!) When J was cold yesterday it was only 5pm, but sub-zero degrees – with icy particles falling – when OH went for takeaway an hour later it had risen to 5 degrees, but I think it was minus 5 in the night.

    AQ – enjoyed the City of Adelaide website this morning; good to see restoration work will go on, although still can’t help wishing she could have stayed in Glasgow or gone home to Sunderland. Infrastructure everywhere seems to be letting us down – communication networks here are struggling with current technology despite already advertising the next step, “but not in your area” when you enquire! Roads are in a shocking state and frost will add to further potholes. Similar situations with contractors and sub-contractors on “improvements” – no one person seems to project-manage these schemes these days.

    LINDA – agree about potatoes – can’t contemplate being without them. We do use some rice and pasta, but always glad to get back to the comfort of the British spud! I was thinking yesterday that you would be off to family for Tomasz’s birthday – 30th birthday of our elder Grandson (Father of the GGkids).

    PAT – seen at least one “Black Friday ending Tuesday 24th December”! Take care driving through roadworks and weather – I know you have to be on the road quite a lot.

    I have decided I will not speak for at least 24 hours to try to improve my throat. Very difficult as none of us are good with sign language, and anyway one can only communicate visually with people who look at you!
  • OG - get a little bell to attract attention!
    I'll be back here properly tomorrow . I've been occupied today with grandmotherly stuff
    LINDY- I can't believe that Tomasz is that age...
    Everyone - best regards from here and thank you for your news!
  • I will only sign to you, then, OG!! - sorry, couldn't resist but it's not really funny when your throat is so bad. Hope it does the trick and helps you feel easier.

    A bright day here, but very cold. Bought us a home made almond & cherry slice at the church Christmas Fair. Also a knitted Octopus for Rosie's pram! Ironed and rehung a wispy net curtain which we have just draped, artistically, in the dining room. Looked out some stuff to hand to sis in law who has a friend organising a Sale Table in aid of the Scouts.

  • Throat has definitely improved today - although coughing again this evening - so still not talking.

    Safe travels tomorrow, LINDA - and anyone else travelling. Frost never cleared from sheltered areas in garden today!