Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 24 November 2019


I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

  • Evening all:   Was out all morning taking stuff to the Assistance League's charity shop, then various unrecyclable items to the city's drop off point for disposal and then to the local garden center to find out what's ailing our tangerine tree.  We have something here called Asian Citrus Psyillid - a bug that's a big problem given the state's massive citrus groves, so I was a bit worried, but the consensus is that the poor tree just didn't get enough water this summer - my fault - and is stressed.  Needless to say, it's been nicely soaked and dead bits cut off so we'll see how it goes. Meanwhile, I can see the entire summer will be spent harvesting the Valencia orange tree, which is heaving with young fruit after taking a gap year and producing a measly 50 oranges this summer.

    Diane: As usual our thanks.  You're too good - and help us out with all kinds of obscure techy stuff too!

    Lindybird: I bet your finger will fill out nicely now the ring is off.  :-)

    Do hope OG is coming along okay....  

    Hallo to everyone!


  • Thanks DIANE. Hello ANNETTE.

    I hope OG has recovered.

    Lazy day with 2 hour snooze after lunch. How would I have managed if plans had not changed. To backtrack – yesterday pm Dau phoned that MissJ still had tummy bug. Today’s the big day of Miss8’s dancing concert & whole family going. I offered to babysit MissJ, much to Dau’s relief. I had instructions on what she may, or more likely, not eat, drink, etc. She’d probably sleep most of day so I packed a book & knitting. This morn Dau phoned again; MissJ slept all night, ate normal breakfast and as perky as usual. So I was cancelled and I went off to church – after changing from nanny clothes LOL. Not much of a babysitter if I had fallen asleep on duty!

    Action on vacant block behind us. Last week a busy little digger was moving soil around. Today there are foundation trenches. Next door renovation seems to have stalled.

  • Good Morning. Many thanks once again to our Thread Angel, Diane, for starting us off on another set of posts about our varied lives.

    Lynette, enjoy your daughters celebrations.

    AQ - Good that the family have recovered from the nasty bug. We await your reports on the building works as they grow - hope none of it overlooks you or spoils your enjoyment of your garden.

    Annette - after having a busy few months, I see that you then got the clearing out & spring cleaning bug! Hope you can rest on your laurels, now.

    My finger feels better already. I tried to post a better pic of it where it shows the redness more clearly, but the Site must have decided that it would be too gruesome!! and it wouldn't post.

    Have a good Sunday, All. Hope that OG is recovering now and more comfortable.

  • Sorry, been busy with family, will reply tomorrow !
    I looked in on FB this morning, think I saw that OG was also looking in at the same time:-) which is a good sign, I think she has been very unwell.
    Dark dull and damp here today.
    Take care, all.

  • Evening all:   OH and I spent the morning carting ladder and hoses around the house, sluicing out gutters (thanks to our Chinese Elm!) so they'll be free of leaves, etc., for the rainy season.  A once-a-year-job, even with gutter guards...

    Lindybird: Good your finger is bouncing back, so to speak.

    AQ:  Kids seem to recover very quickly from being deathly ill one day and perfect the next.   UK niece and nephew have come down with norovirus or something like that, which my sister says is doing the rounds.

    Heather: Thanks for keeping an eye out for OG...

    Not much else to report here, planning a lazy evening.   Just went to RIch Text and got a "page no longer exists" message.  Well of course it still exists!  I just wish there was some warning that you need to sign in.  But copy/paste saved the day.

  • Annette and anyone interested: Yesterday, CBS News had an interesting update on the efforts to save the California Condor. The video showed good footage of the huge birds. 

  • How brilliant, Diane. Wonderful that there are people out there who care enough to help this iconic and beautiful bird.

    Good Morning. Dull grey and damp here: my OH has just gone out with Bonnie, who doesn't like it when it's a bitter wind and wet, but doesn't care about a bit of damp.

    Yesterday we went to see sis in law and admire some new pictures she has bought - beautiful scenes of wild areas of Scotland, where she used to go on holiday.

    Lots of small things to do around the house today, including measuring up for quotes for new carpets in the hall and study.

  • Good afternoon . A very quick update from us!

    J has done really well with his recovery, despite several bugs and viruses trying to hold him back. He is back at work today as expected and planned. He has o/p appointments mid December - at Wythenshawe for post-op check with the surgeon and a routine thyroid check at The Christie. The latter was already in the diary, but they have kindly moved it to the same day for convenience.

    OG is better than she was, but doc today is not certain all is well, so she starts on a third different anti-biotic this week. Very tiring, and contraindicates one of her regular meds, so not a happy bunny.

    E-E has caught the throat infection and has a very swollen throat and his own anti-biotic! We got wet going to see the doc - sure that hasn't done us a lot of good!

    Did not manage the church mag last week, but this means we can include an announcement of progress towards filling our two-year vacancy! Means writing an extra article, but should keep the people happy, and it will actually only be one day late as next Sunday is1st December.

    Don't suppose I shall ever catch up, so just hope everyone is okay!
  • Just wrote long reply, then it simply would not post <sigh>

    Will type it out again on the desktop shortly.

  • Just had to sign in on the desktop, to gain access. Wrote the above on my mobile, after some twiddling to get the right page!

    Good to have some news from you, OG and/or EE!

    Pleased to hear that J is making a good recovery. Was imagining that you must all have been suffering from the same infection, and hope the abs you have now are going to be effective. Get well soon.

    Everyone on here is OK, except for one or two having been rather busy, such as Heather having entertained her Danish visitors, and Annette doing more travelling, followed by a thorough spring clean of the house! Lynette has successfully had her cataract op. FB has been unwell. Think that's the main things, correct me if I've forgotten anyone.