OFF-SEASON OBS - LOCH GARTEN - September 2019-February 2020

  • Well, what do you think folks? Should we coalesce around another webcam while this one's down?
    Záchranná stanice živočichů Makov - Krmítko (Bird feeder) seems quite lively - that's the one Fergus found in Estonia, and I've seen great tits, blue tits, tree sparrows, nuthatch and a jay this morning. Maybe we'll see some other new birds that we don't get at LG? And it might do wonders for our Estonian (there's a chat line), although if anyone can speak Finnish, you'll be able to get by.
    Or should we stick with an osprey one? Mike you mentioned Valerie posted a link but I can't find it. Is it active ie breeding (so somewhere southern hemisphere??).
    Whatever we do, we should keep up the chat on some sort of agreed link/page?? I know there are other threads but THIS ONE'S THE BEST!

  • Korky, I think you are referring to the Port Lincoln osprey nest at the link below. The feeder cam is still working on Carnyx. Ian

  • Thanks Ian. Looks like the chicks there are newly fledged.
    I know there's a Youtube link to the LG cam but I assume that won't work anymore once they start fiddling with the electrics on-site?
  • Korky, there is this link in Ackron, Ohio that Scylla posted? Looks quite busy.

    It would be good to have somewhere that we can all watch, and comment on, until such times as we are back up and running at LG.

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  • There are a bunch of cams hosted by Cornell University in Ithaca, NY through their ornithology lab. You can check out this one and others (including a winter one in Ontario, Canada):
    See what you think...

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  • AAARGH! Too much choice (thanks!) The Ohio one is fun as it has a lot a birds I'm not familiar with some of you folk can teach me. I love the idea of the hummingbird one (Phoebe used to sustain me over the it's bald eagles in Florida). The Panama Fruit feeder cam is amazing - saw a lovely bright blue butterfly. The red tailed hawks cam was just....snowy.
    How do we choose? Do we want small birds, raptors, breeding birds, birds we know, birds we don't know? Do we take a vote or just let scylla choose because she's good at that sort of thing?
    (We could watch them all and make threads for them all....ha ha!)
  • In reply to Korky:

    Korky said:
    Do we take a vote or just let scylla choose

    That's very thoughtful of you, KORKY but I have so got my hands full and am so rather under the weather that I'm thinking it might be best not to substitute any cam for our LG feeder, for the time being, at least.

    This is what I'm covering at the mo:

    Starr Ranch - 4 cams, Barn Owl cavity; PTZ outside view; mini-spa (mainly mice and slugs presently); Trail (blocked by a fallen oak limb)

    For the Osprey Friends Facebook page:

    NE Florida Bald Eagles - 4 very problematic cams, Samson & Gabrielle, first-timers, due to lay an egg soon if they're ever going to this season

    SW Florida Bald Eagles - 4 cams, M15 & Harriet, incubating 2 eggs and I've let them lapse lately (Lady Hawk does good coverage)


    Another thought - whatever we cover, perhaps it should be in a thread on Wildlife on the Web, and this thread will be comatose until March or the resurrection of the LG feeder cam ???

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  • This was overlooked from a few days ago - nice view of the Crestie's back-of-head pattern :)

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  • Tuesday 03 December

    Coal Tit and Crestie were earliest at the feeder - a squirrel was not seen until nearly half an hour after daycam!  This was the second squirrel, a sweetie:

    We had a mottly Coal Tit:

    Another biffed it away:

    Mottly came back and biffed away its aggressor:

    And settled for a short, peaceful feed :)

    Later a mottly Great Tit:

    After the last Coal Tit had left, there were 3 Crestie visits - by how many Cresties, I cannot say:

    And then!  An unusual sight, short 'n sweet: