OFF-SEASON OBS - LOCH GARTEN - September 2019-February 2020

  • This was overlooked from a few days ago - nice view of the Crestie's back-of-head pattern :)

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  • Tuesday 03 December

    Coal Tit and Crestie were earliest at the feeder - a squirrel was not seen until nearly half an hour after daycam!  This was the second squirrel, a sweetie:

    We had a mottly Coal Tit:

    Another biffed it away:

    Mottly came back and biffed away its aggressor:

    And settled for a short, peaceful feed :)

    Later a mottly Great Tit:

    After the last Coal Tit had left, there were 3 Crestie visits - by how many Cresties, I cannot say:

    And then!  An unusual sight, short 'n sweet: