Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 11 August 2019

  • Just returned from looking at window blinds in a big shop where they have all kinds. I thought it would help me make up my mind what kind to have on the front of the house, but I'm more discombobulated than ever now...

    We will have to do something as our old ones are looking worse for wear, they are just flimsy vertical type ones.

    Looked up and can see that my quick verse is not very clever, as I've used the same word twice!! Ho hum. Heather, the rose is looking shabby now as after all the rain these last few days the blooms have gone brown and some of them have dropped off.

  • Here are the promised pics from the Flower Show: don't forget that we went on a ghastly day and it rained most of the time. When it wasn't raining it was drizzling!

    The first thing we saw after going through the entrance was a jolly fellow in a flowerpot, trundling around and talking to the visitors:

    He said that he was not wet, as underneath his costume he was wearing a plastic bag!

    This chap was also moving quite fast for a snail, amongst the crowds.

    The usual floral display of the RHS name (Royal Horticultural Society, who run the show)

    A welcome sight for some......

    The old London buses are used for all kinds of things now, and this is a travelling bar.

  • LINDA - you did well to get any photos at Tatton this year - thanks for sharing them.

    Had our day out today - as J said we even managed a foreign holiday as we went over the border into Cumbria! (actually we do go that far quite often - more often than I originally intended). There was rain, but it was while we were inside having lunch - a short thunder storm. Didn't do anything very inspiring, but it was good to relax away from home, and we enjoyed a good meal.

    Tired now after getting in and out of the car a few times.
  • Glad you managed a day out, OG. And you managed to miss the storm!!

    More pics of the Flower Show to come, but nothing like as many as usual.

  • In reply to Lindybird:

    Lindybird and OG - heard about the fires but to be honest didn't take much notice. No doubt she will find out about them when she wakes up tomorrow. Dropped dau off in plenty of time for her to check in and have a decent meal before the flight. She has arrived safely and early due to a following tail wind. Apartment has a pool view which is unusual for single people - they usually get a view that is not very appealing. Rang us tonight and all is well. Staying on the coast at Playa del Inglis which is in the South.

    Very pleasant day today although they say we're in for rain tonight. OH supposed to be commentating at a day/night match tomorrow so we'll just have to wait and see .

    Thankfully, OG, son has good healing skin like myself, get from my mum.

    Lindy - saw the triplicate postings - I've had that, thinking its not gone, done something else and found it had posted.


    RSPB Giving Nature a Home



  • Lovely garden, Lindy, and thanks for the pics from the Tatton show.

    They are building a new RHS garden in Worsley where I come from, it is on the site of the old Scout camp.
    Looks like it should be really good but won't be finished for a while yet.

    Dau and i arranged for a chap to come and do the lawns for OH as part of his birthday present. Rang and asked if he could come round today so I had to hand the note about it to OH a few days before his actual birthday. Most appreciative of the gesture, so we have that sown up for a while now.


    RSPB Giving Nature a Home



  • Evening all:

    Lindybird:  I do like the re-purposed bus.  A shame about the weather on that day, especially as it improved after your visit.

    OG: Glad you had a nice outing - a good thing that border isn't part of the Brexit deal.

    Lynette:  Sounds like your daughter isn't near the fires so no worries.  What a lovely - and very practical - gift for your OH.  :-)



  • Good Morning. Dark and wet here, don't think we'll be sitting in the garden this week!

    Began to type then realised that I needed to sign in again. Bah!

    Lynette, what a good idea for a gift. Hope your daughter enjoys her holiday. We went there some years ago for 2 weeks, and then popped in again whilst on one of our cruises, just for the day.

    I don't think I mentioned that my OHs cousin passed away peacefully in the Hospice at the end of last week. He's glad now that he managed to visit her even though she was unconscious at that stage.

    I'm getting to grips with my new phone, and am receiving pictures of the grandchildren which is fun. Its also good to be able to see emails on it.

  • Nanny duty was easy as MissL was asleep most of time. MissJ’s chatter was entertaining as usual. OH came too but spent most of time snoozing on Dau’s lounge! It will be a dull day tomorrow as our power will be off 8 am to 3 pm for some or other maintenance. No computer, no TV; I do not know how OH will cope <grin>. At least it will be a warm day 19 C.
  • Its surprising how  you miss it when you don't have it!!

    Still wet and miserable here. Attacking the To Do List again.

    Here is the bronze sculpture I bought for our Youngest and wife: