Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 11 August 2019


I hope everyone has a wonderful, peaceful week and the power stays on! 

  • Hey Diane: Thank you dearie.  

    Lindybird:  Well the airfare alone would be cheaper than hiring someone here.  Of course, we'd give him time off to loll on the beach.  :-)

    A lazy day here, but I really need to get on the ball....

  • Good Morning. Thank you once again to Diane for taking the time to start us off again.

    Annette: He's packing now!! LOL!!

    Dry here and the latest rain belt should pass over soon. We're hoping for a quiet day and I really must buckle under and sort out some paperwork - yesterday I discovered a bundle of receipts including some from 2004!

    Hope Everyone has a pleasant Sunday.

  • Thank you Diane for starting another week. Time flies at an alarming rate!

    Lindy, I am in the queue for some painting jobs when your OH has an idle moment.
  • We are going to see our daughter and S in L this afternoon. Daughter makes rather good coffee cakes using Stevia, which OH can eat. They have a roof terrace above their flat with good views, which is a good place to partake of tea and cake and contemplate the world (if not to sort it)
    The wind has dropped since yesterday, so this may be possible this afternoon.
  • Good morning. Church rained off for me and J would need to walk to his, so he also decided not to go - OH has taken J's car cos he can't use my Motability vehicle if it's "Not for my benefit" - I joke that it is for my benefit as I get time alone!

    DIANE - thanks for the start - and moon info. This moon seems to have grown very fast - just time passing quickly, I suppose.

    ANNETTE - good to see you are having a lazy day today!

    LINDA - good luck with the paper sorting! I filed a lot of stuff last week - and had the pleasure of shredding, recycling and general flinging some of it. No mention or the littlest Grandchild recently - I hope she is progressing well.

    ROSY- have a lovely trip to family, with tea and cake, whether outside or in.

    EVERONE - have a good Sunday, and a good week.
  • Rosy - Sounds like a good day in prospect for you.

    OG - Don't want to bore everyone with constant updates on my family! but thank you, little Rosie is doing well and still gaining weight. This morning I received a lovely pic of her fast asleep on her daddy's chest, a real Aaaah! picture. Amber is now on her holidays at the seaside, as the family are in Cromer for the week.

    Am getting to grips with my new phone and hopeful now that it will be a success. Spent ages putting lots of numbers of friends & family into it. Now need to practise finding my way around.

  • Thank you Diane for starting us off for another week, they do seem to come by quickly.

    Rosy, Hope your visit to Dau's went well and that you enjoyed tea and cake on the roof terrace.

    OG - fortunately for us it was dry for church this morning, was on welcome duty. However the heavens had opened by the time we arrived back in the afternoon for our Songs of Praise service which begins at 4pm and ends with tea and cake afterwards, always a pleasant close to the afternoon.

    OH arrived home from cricket yesterday (scores for our 1st team on a Sat) only to inform us that our son had had an accident whilst playing for the 2nd team. Apparently a ball hit him in the face, went to nearbye local hospital but they didn't deal with maxiofacial injuries so sent him to our local hospital, Northampton General. Kettering had phoned through so apparently he was seen pretty promptly and by the time our dau in L arrived his treatment was just finishing. 12 stitches as well as internal ones as cut was deep. What a to do, maybe now he will wear his helmet. Dau in L rang me today to give me the full details so at least we won't worry now as much.

    Off on Tuesday to take Dau up to East Midlands Airport for her holiday, she jets off to Gran Canaria for 10 days and then we pick her up a fortnight today.


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  • LYNETTE: Ouch. How old is son? At least it didn't get his eye or teeth?

    Finally did some garden tidying up today. I wish we had a good shower now and then in the summer; the Chinese Elm is dropping all its seeds into the shrubs where they get caught up in the leaves and spiderwebs. It's that time of year...
  • Lindy: I meant to tell you that the photos of Amber were glorious. The one with Bonnie was so wonderful. I'm glad Rosie is thriving.

    Lynette: I'm sorry that your son was injured. Sounds awful.

    Rosy: Have a lovely visit with family.

  • Good Morning. Dry here.

    How shocking for you to hear about your son's painful episode, Lynette: I hope he makes a swift recovery.

    We are off this morning to Bents in Lancashire, for a mooch around and a coffee. Then must get stuck into the To Do List again this afternoon.