LOCH ARKAIG (The Woodland Trust) - AUGUST 2019

  • Before I go...

    First in is (starving) Rannoch, she's now waiting at the back of the nest looking towards Louis's tree:

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  • In reply to Mike:

    Mike B said:
    No one in sight but there is screaming going on......On camera perch??

    Correct Mike....someone, and I suspect Rannoch, has been around for over an hour,,,and even appeared on the nest for a time.
    At times even two osprey calls have been heard.

    Morning All 

  • No sounds off now and nobodyin sight
  • Mike's picture, at 07.34, has a very good view of Rannoch's "beard" which Mallie doesn't have. Ian
  • I don't want to hurry this nests birds on their way, but looking at the weather window ahead,,,,I think I see a window of opportunity of very much more favourable migrating winds from about the 25th Aug for a number of days.,,,so don't be surprised if all of a sudden we are back to an ENS period before the next week is out.

    I can def say, this nest, this year, has presented one of the most enjoyable seasons of Osprey watching I have ever followed.
    Aila and Louis, you have done your species proud. You have shown your individual great characters, your parenting has been brilliant, and you have been a joy to watch.
    Mallie and Rannoch appear to have great character too, look awesome birds, and look to have been well taught on the needs needed for survival. I hope to see you back in a couple of years.
    Bon voyage and God speed to Aila, Louis, Mallie and Rannoch... Stay safe and hope to see you all again.

  • Well said Trying. Ian
  • 12.42, Mallie arrives on the nest followed by Louis with a whole flatfish. Rannoch is nowhere to be seen. Ian

    EDIT - Rannoch is only 13 minutes late, arriving at 12.55. Mallie scarpers with the fish.

  • 15.15, both juves on the nest when Louis brings in a very nice whole fish, after a free for all Mallie gets it. Shortly after the fish gives a flap & Rannoch spots a chance to steal it but Mallie flies off with it. Mallie seems to have had nearly all the fish brought in during Sunday & Monday. Ian
  • In reply to Ian S:

    First fish of the day went to Mallie, with Rannoch nowhere to be seen (as reported):