LOCH ARKAIG (The Woodland Trust) - AUGUST 2019

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The 2 chicks were ringed on 4 July and assessed as female. They were given ring numbers JJ0 and JJ2, and later named by popular vote as Mallie and Rannoch. Both weighed 1.49kg on ringing but will weigh a lot more now after a further month's-worth of protein-packed-piscine-parenting.  The WT subsequently said they thought Mallie may be male. S/he fledged on 20 July and Rannoch on 27 July.

Link to webcam, courtesy of The Woodland Trust

  • Thank you for starting the new month, KORKY - far from slacking, you've been positively futuristic :o :-*

    Here is my CATCHUP for last evening.

    The current scene is quiet and dry-looking.

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  • No sign of anyone on the nest since late yesterday evening. ENS now

    Birdies LG DU update.

  • Eyes on the skies

    (c) WT Loch Arkaig

  • Rannoch was on the nest......bit of preening, bit of shoutig but now flown
  • Morning CATCHUP

    A shorty of the pair's first (noisy) arrival this morning: