Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 12 May 2019

  • In reply to Diane in Indiana:

    Diane - although maybe stressful at times, sounds like an interesting job

    Annette - hope whale watch goes well or is it perhaps at the end of the season and that is why there aren't many passing through.

    Lindy - pleased to hear OH's medical incident has been resolved. Often its the tiny things that cause the worst pain as they get embedded quite deep whereas one can usually spot a bigger thorn etc.

    OG - glad the planting is progressing. Sorry to hear about J and his knees, nothing is more uncomfortable than going upstairs with a painful knee. Hope all is sorted soon.

    Weather has been really nice down here for the past few days although this afternoon the clouds appeared. Washing was out and dry by the time I brought it in - not bad when you can get a load outside and bring it in dry.
    Just the ironing to do now.


    RSPB Giving Nature a Home



  • OG: That's appalling - truly - that Health & Safety doesn't have accessible offices. And are rude into the bargain. Please complain. If you don't, I will!! Grrrr.

    Went to count (no) whales this morning; we were blown off-count at 11 am by fierce gusts following a fast-moving storm and heavy rainfall early this morning. The count was supposed to go to the end of the month, but Mike is ending it next Wednesday and NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), which runs the project at Piedras Blancas up the coast, will stop counting two days after. No whales have come past our area (at least during the hours folks have been there) for the last week. We've seen 34 calves total this year; NOAA has seen 84 (no islands up there for the whales to detour past). NOAA has apparently been using drones to take photos in order to judge the weight/size of the passing whales in an attempt to study what's going on. More study on ice/food sources in the Arctic will take place over the summer.
  • That's sad and worrying about the whales, Annette. I suppose these things can wax and wane, though. What a good use of drones!

    I've been asked to have a blood test in advance of having a consultation about my medications. So I'm going to dash off in the morning for that, then get an appointment later for the chat.

    Can't believe it's Friday tomorrow, where has this week gone?

  • Didn't wake early, in fact later than usual: just off to hose down and dash off, as there's always a queue at the clinic. At least I can spend the rest of the day pottering around!

    Raining a little shower, here - the allotment needs rain, though.

  • I agree with everything that has been said about J and his problems in accessing the OH office, OG. Even if it is a temporary measure it is a particularly stupid thing to do.

    LINDY - Your OH will be delighted if it rains! Did the tomato plants survive while you were away?

    My girls and I had a lovely lunch yesterday - Italian. We came home here after some shopping and the adults were very decadent and enjoyed prosecco and strawberries.

    Back to garden work today....
  • Letting J do his own complaining for the time being - shan't say too much yet as I want his next week appointment to happen, but I shall intend to ensure that the council (his employer) knows what their outside contracting agency is truly like - obviously in it for the money, which has come from us, the council tax payers! There is too much outsourcing in the public sector - NHS, local government and others. He has recorded the experience in emails to his line manager and the Academy administrator, and we hope the academy will be able to fight the imposition of any fine on them. Having got it "off his chest", he seems to have slept well last night, and was quite chirpy this morning.

    Have sent OH shopping at Tesco this morning, but intend to spend the rest of the day helping plant the remaining annuals (only the hanging baskets to do) and a couple of favourite grasses salvaged when we did away with the grasses bed at the front - they are in terracotta pots and I want them in pewter effect pots to match a couple of conifers. I am also insisting that all containers on the deck are blue or black for a co-ordinated effect, although this has meant finding new homes for some plants!

    Must now get on with newsletter - done most of the typing of contributions, but now have a few items needing to be scanned in.
  • Good to read all the news.  

    OG  Shocking treatment for J.  Do not understand the reasoning for a fine.

  • They will claim he wasted time of one of their employees - doesn't matter to them that he and his dad wasted their time and fuel cost getting there, or that academy lost an hour of his working time!

    Had a few small showers before breakfast, but rest of the day has been summer again - got the planting finished! As always, plenty of weeding and tidying to do! Rain forecast second half of tomorrow.
  • Morning all:

    OG: Outsourcing explains a lot.  Great that J is taking the lead on this with you as back up.  We have unglazed terracotta pots for the most part, but I've gone to plastic look-a-likes too - they're lighter and retain moisture longer.

    Waiting to see if my last whale counting shift will be canceled this morning due to wind......

  • Got lots done this morning, but ran out of steam this afternoon. Never mind, the weeding and pruning have tidied up the garden a lot. Not enough rain today to water the allotment, though, which needs a good watering. My OH says that the tomatoes are doing well, thanks. They're in the greenhouse.

    Sorry the winds are so bad, Annette, but at least you may not have to turn out, when there might not be any whales to see anyway.

    Looking forward to a relatively quiet weekend: just shopping tomorrow, and then on Sunday my OH is going to our Youngest's to help with the kitchen installation, which is going well. I'm not going, as I'd only be a hindrance!