Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 12 May 2019

  • Lindybird: Who are these people and why are they in a caring profession if they don't care.  Grrrr.

  • HARELADY – I hope you fritter some of your winnings on something frivolous for yourself.

  • In reply to Annette in SoCal:

    Annette: To reply to your comment to me yesterday:

    I always insist on a clause in my freelance contracts confirming that I'm not legally responsible for the accuracy of the manuscripts I edit. This organization has a physician who is contracted to check the content to ensure that it's factually accurate and thorough.

    The problem is that "expert" writers are hired for their high-profile, pop-culture reputations and not for their writing ability. Sometimes, they fumble their words and contradict or misrepresent the facts. They also leave out critical information.

    In my last project, the expert actually made a statement that was not only wrong, but was offensive and would have damaged the reputation of the very liberal organization and offended their funders. No one caught it but me.

    This is a developmental editing job that requires more than the usual grammar, punctuation, etc. I don't have any contact with the writer/experts. If I need info, I use science- and research-based sites online. I work with a director-level person at the organization. I use track changes for all edits, especially when I add or change text. Then the document goes back to the organization, and they accept my edits or confirm them with their medical team or other researchers.

    I always get a little nervous when I begin a project. I'm not as young as I used to be. LOL

  • Diane:  Hmmm Well I'm glad you insert that disclaimer re legal responsibility.  I'm familiar with high-profile experts who can' write their way out of a paper bag.  We used to have attorneys and public policy types write for us at AARP and - not sure about your readership - but it was always a hassle to translate their jargon into language real people could understand.  Hope you don't have to spend too much time clarifying stuff on those web sites  Take care; you should feel better about it once you hit your stride. Will be thinking of you!!

  • Good Morning. Sunny again here. I hope to catch up with myself today, as when we came back home we had also just had a call from our Eldest, asking to come and stay on the same night. I had to put our luggage in the hallway rather than in the spare room, and make up his bed, as unusually, it wasn't ready for him. Then yesterday I did piles of laundry and tried to do some stuff in the garden.

    I seem to have caught my OH's weird head cold - his was all streaming and sneezing, then it calmed down without leaving him with a cough. I began with a "head full of rubbish" on Tuesday, sneezed a bit yesterday with a headache, and now I think it's ending: at least, I hope so.

    DIANE - It sounds as if you know what's expected of you, and you're aware of the pitfalls. I'm sure you can sort out the jargon into readable text. Good that you've got a clause about legal responsibility, to cover you. Go for it!!

    Off to hose myself down, get some food in, do the ironing, and then look at the garden again. Everything including the weeds are growing like mad. On the plus side, I have three gorgeous, huge poppies out just now!

  • A quick look in as I have to go out this morning and meet youngest and the girls. We are meeting eldest Daughter and going out for lunch then back here.

    I am juggling quite a lot of things here - was planting tubs at 8.15 am today. So quiet outside, I thought, but the road was busy with commuters. The sun was showing but no heat so it was pleasant work.

    Have a good day, everyone.

  • Gardening moving on apace - I spent yesterday afternoon planting French Marigolds in the troughs that go into metal frames along the back fence - cheery colour against the black troughs, but then I nip out the already-showing blooms to encourage growth! They should start looking really good next week - plenty of buds. I should say, of course I was gardening in my slippers! I wore an apron but the big kangaroo-style pocket got filled with compost!

    A muddled day today as J yesterday received a delayed message to visit Occupational Health today. Has now found out they (actually an outsourced agency) have moved to a building with no lift, and he is currently hobbling around on a stick due to very painful knees! They are supposed to be helping with stress, not causing it! He has gone into work this morning and OH will collect him after lunch to drive him there to try to climb their stairs!

    Cleaner here this morning - have apologised to her for extra dust from last week's work - still finding it in places where we didn't know were places (eg under drawer fronts etc).

    Enjoyed reading many posts of last two days - but no time to go through to make replies - it's newsletter time again, and church also wants a Communications Report from the two of us (me for newsletter, him for website) so have to think of something different from what I said last year!
  • J couldn't climb the stairs and refused his appointment - they said they would be fining the academy for his non-attendance! They were rude to both him and his dad! They finally offered an appointment at their old premises next week! This is a Health and Safety agency, offering training and specialising in HR - and they are not aware of the legal responsibilities in regard to Equality and Diversity! I am disgusted with the stress they are causing! Maybe I will calm down to write more tomorrow!
  • Quiet on here today, since this morning. I expect we've all been too busy!

    I got the shopping done, hung out the laundry (3 times) did a bit of weeding, took a nap after lunch, then did the ironing. Now I'm catching up on my online life. My OH has decided not to go out on his "boys night out" which usually happens on Thursdays, as two of his friends are away on holiday, and his cousin is busy decorating.

  • Goodness, OG. I was writing slowly and watching TV at the same time, so you came on before I finished.

    How annoying for EE and J. Are you going to complain? Sorry to hear it's been so stressful.