Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 12 May 2019


I hope everyone has a great week! 

The full "flower" moon is next Saturday (the 18th)!

Still relentlessly raining here...

  • Diane: Thank you!   Hope no floods in  your area.    We had thunderstorms this afternoon - as did the Arizona contingent.  Very unusual weather for May in both places.

    bjane:  The Ace Hardware that's moving in is part of a family owned chain based in the Central Coast that has great reviews. I'm hoping they'll hire back any available former OSH employees - ready made experience.  :-)

    OG;  What kind of tiles did you have before that hurt your feet?  I'm only asking because we were alerted to the important of floor tiles in terms of foot comfort.

    Heather:  I've just finished reading All That Remains by Sue Black - she's an apparently famous forensic anthropologist from Inverness.  It's about her work in that field including her time in Kosovo and in Indonesia after that awful tsunami, in addition to work with UK police departments.  It's a fascinating albeit grim topic but I didn't find it depressing; she has a very down-to-earth and even humorous touch.

    Mothers Day here tomorrow. OH bought me a lovely white orchid (not a plant I've had much success with) and some roses in the softest pink.  And I'm not even his mother!  :-)

  • Good morning all , thank you, DIANE!

    I've been feeling tired and moany (some Scots would say ' wabbit and crabbit') and I regret letting it seep through onto this thread. I was sitting in front of my computer, looking at a big pile of papers which need to be filed, thinking about what seemed to be a huge amount of garden work to be done and then came on here. I saw replying to your posts as another chore (only for a minute or so!!) and well - that's when I thought ' whats the point, I've got nothing interesting to talk about?'.
    Anyway, I've given myself a good talking to and over the past couple of days have begun to tackle some of the outstanding jobs :-)

    ANNETTE- I want to read Sue Black' s book. I've heard her on the radio a few times, most recently last week on BBC WS radio programme ' Outlook'. I agree with your thoughts about her. I'm reading ' All the light we cannot see' at present. Another book I look forward to reading is ' War Doctor' by David Nott.

    Today, eldest daughter and I are going to a garden centre to buy compost and bedding plants. I'm not sure which garden centre, it is a toss up between Simpson's and Dobbies. Granddaughter Amy works in Dobbies at the weekends. I know that grandson Callum won't be here to wash his car - he has taken his girlfriend to stay at Dunblane Hydro this weekend. How the other half live !

    Sales at my son's shop are slowly improving as the weather gets better but all the shopkeepers in Wyle Cop, Shrewsbury are fed up with yet another road closure just at the beginning of the tourist season. The same thing happened last year.

    The sun is out and I wonder if DIBNLIB will be out walking today.

    AQ - I hope that your daughter is now fully recovered and fit for action!

    OG - There is quite a collection of spare tiles, etc here, also! Including a pile of roof tiles behind the garage.

    LINDY - I enjoyed your description of the walk, the shells. I hope that the weather is being kind to you.
  • Good Morning. Very chilly start here, there was ground frost this morning and we've got the heating on! Supposed to be a sunny day but not high temps.

    Diane, thanks for starting us off, sorry that you still have the rain. Your streams and rivers must be very full now.

    OG, That's great that you're now able to enjoy your new shower room. Hope your weather is sunny so you can sit in the garden today.

    Heather, You are bound to have 'blue' days and to feel that you don't want to be bothered writing on here, and --- ---that's fine! (HUGS). But be kind to yourself. Enjoy your trip to the garden centre.

    We're off to a garden centre this morning, for a coffee and a poke around. I hope to buy a small plant to replace one in a pot, here. We don't have many pots as we don't want to worry about their welfare when we're not here.

  • Happy Mothers Day. Fairly quiet here. Text from Dau#1, phone call from Dau#2. I promised myself to post you some pics but the day has slipped away and it didn’t happen.

    HEATHER - Good to see that you have emerged from lurkdom. Cor blimey, I lurk most days and fail to post.

    Kitchen calling. Lazy tea - leftover shepherds pie with veggies.

  • Good morning, everyone. We in the UK celebrate Mothering Sunday in the middle of Lent - an excuse for cake in the middle of a fast!. I know other countries celebrate it at different times, so Happy Mothering Sunday to anyone for whom that cake is today!

    Heather - I rarely post, usually lurk. Don't ever feel you HAVE to post … it's supposed to be a pleasure and not a chore.
  • Morning all:  

    Heather: I second everyone's comments about not feeling like you have to respond to everyone's posts.  And as for letting it seep through onto the thread - well, that hasn't stopped me!   Take care of those other things and we'll see you when you feel like it.    By the way, I liked All the Light You Cannot See.     I'm currently reading An Inconvenient Death, about UK weapons inspector/expert David Kelly and the alleged (have only just started it!) cover up by Tony Blair's people.   That Sue Black book is fascinating - a lot of information you might not otherwise have sought out.   Have not heard of War Doctor, but will investigate.  I guess road work is done in good weather - an international phenomenon it seems.

    Lindybird:  I'm going more to succulents and cactii in pots.  I had some flowering baskets hanging out front, but they need constant watering and it didn't seem like a good idea in the middle of the drought, which has now been cancelled but......  Some succulents do well in hanging baskets but I haven't got around to that.  And probably won't.  Just looking at "won't" and wondering if it should have that apostrophe and if so, what was it before it was a contraction?  Shall have to Google it. Oh, ignore me - I get hung up on stuff like that and end up down all kinds of linguistic rabbit holes.

    AQ: I got texts, phone calls plus the flowers and this morning a card from OH.  Apparently, granddaughter has a new friend, who apparently drove out of his way this morning to leave flowers for her (and my daughter!!) on their front doorstep on his way to work.  If the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, looks like the way to a girl's heart is through her Mom. (That could be tricky.)

    All well here.  Today's yoga class canceled (spelled with one "l" this time). Language can be so confusing!  Take care all.


  • A beautiful day here: bright & sunny but not too hot. We went as planned to the garden centre, and treated ourselves to a humongously large slice of carrot cake, which we shared. They have altered the building in the cafe part this year and built on a very pleasant glassed extension with lots of colourful plants on view through the windows. I could have sat there all day, people watching!

    I bought a plant for our little tub, and also a comedy birthday card for a relative. Then I spied a lovely blue top, which I treated myself to. They have one or two rails of unusual fashion items, and I find it irresistible!

    We had a salad lunch and then sat outside to soak up the sun again. We also did a little weeding of the flowerbed in front of our little home, as although the weeds are only tiny, they might grow much bigger in our absence!

    Happy Mothers Day, AQ and Annette. Glad your children remembered.

    Annette, is it a short version of "would not" -- your version looks OK to me..... (or is it meant to be "will not".....)

  • Hi All. Nothing much happening here - just soaking up sunshine when OH is busy gardening. Feeling lazy, so no more from me tonight!
  • I think it's 'will not' - but then surely it should be 'willn't - which looks completely wrong!! No wonder foreigners find English a difficult language …!

    Beautiful day here as well. I'm still getting used to seeing my garden in its springtime beauty when I left it in its winter misery. Very odd.
  • I had to Google it ! Contraction of will not, later wonnot and then won't.
    Eldest daughter and I went to garden centre, got my stuff, came home and pulled some weeds. Didn't do a lot, hadn't changed into gardening clobber.
    LINDY - I didn't look at the clothes but only because our time was limited. Daughter's OH was waiting to have the car back as he had a job to do on it.