Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 12 May 2019

  • Heather: You've been having a rough time. I am sending you good energy!

    Lindy: I've enjoyed your descriptions of your trip. Lovely prose! You're a good writer! Have a safe journey home. I never wear my slipper outdoors, but I do sometimes dash out in my pajamas. The groundhog is very disapproving, but the deer don't care. LOL

    Pat: Welcome home. I hope your cruise was everything that you hoped.

    Annette/OG: I've worked for this organization several times over the years. There are three components to that big project. I completed the first one quite a while ago. The second has been delayed; due to the writer. So they offered me a contract for the third one, and that's what I just received. This one is 500 pages. I need to finish it within 4 weeks. It's an editing project, written by an expert in the field, but it'll require rewriting in places and a heavy edit throughout (with editorial judgment as to whether the material is accurate, clear, and complete). No chance of dividing it into small pieces or taking days off. The deadline is too tight. Thanks for your support, though.

    Annette: I hope the stock market/tariff havoc won't hurt you and your OH. That is very funny about the bird landing on your head. That has to be some sort of sign or omen. LOL!!!

    Thanks all for your encouragement. I appreciate it. Sorry I complained. I have a lot going on right now, and I'm feeling the stress.

  • Annette: The bird probably wanted some of your hair for its nest! I'd take that as a compliment. LOL
  • Diane:.  I was in the shower this evening and I remembered a Chinese proverb I heard many years back:  "That the birds of worry and care fly above your head, this you cannot change. But that they build nests in your hair, that you can prevent."   :-))    Good luck with that project!   Sounds hairy - or is it gnarly?  

  • Good Morning. Sunny and warm predicted here, but we must clean & tidy up before we leave so no time today for lolling about!

    Annette, rather startling to become a landing place for the birdies!

  • My feet are sore, I must have wandered with camera for 2 hours this morn, some standing sunshine soaking up Vit D. Usually my ankles or hip complain. Another lazy tea, homemade mince (meat) pie from freezer plus the usual array of veggies.

    DIANE – Good luck with the latest project. Dealing with other people’s words/sentences/paras can be challenging. But hey, just think of all the lively brain cells you have busily exercising!

    ANNETTE – So you fended off a bird of worry and care?

    LINDA – I’ve only glanced at today’s pics. I already have oodles that I intended to share. Not tomorrow, it’s nanny day, again.

    LYNETTE – sounds like your OH is like mine as too food. Funny though, how he will eat pasta & rice quite happily when out to lunch.

  • Oh, so many posts yesterday and overnight - thanks to ALL for a good read this morning! OH is getting hosed down ready to go to garden centre: start in food hall while there are still fresh scones to be had, then lunch and finally browse "summer bedding" and chose for hanging baskets and fence troughs.
  • Diane: I was thinking more about your project, especially as you seem to be responsible for making sure the material is "accurate, clear and complete."   I understand the clarity bit, but it seems a pretty tall order for an editor to ensure the accuracy and completeness of a topic written by an expert. I wonder why the publisher wouldn't want the edited version fact-checked by someone already very familiar with the material.  No wonder you're feeling rattled; the time constraint is bad enough.  Are you able to contact the expert to clarify any points?  I know the publisher had problems with the writer of that second piece (another expert?), but unfortunately being an expert doesn't automatically make you a good or clear writer.  Hang in there!

    AQ: Maybe the bird decided my hair was too thin for cares and worries to hang about.  Am I the only person who struggles to come up with new things for dinner?  My OH is also happy to eat different food when we're out, but at home it's the same old same old.  I need OG's skill/discipline for coming up with weekly menus.

    I'm meeting Brit friend for coffee and a natter this morning, then home to garden work so the green wheelie will be full before pick up tomorrow.

    I see the Rich Text Button is working again, so no need to upload posts then edit to get boldface/italic type.

  • Yes, I second OH's comments!

    I'm taking a break from pressure washing paths, doing it in half hour spurts as I find it quite hard on the back :-( Things are looking better out there.

    I think that youngest daughter and the girls are coming here on Thursday. I'll meet them at the train station, we shall have lunch in town and then come back here.
    I'm not sure what is happening in their back garden but we have nicknamed it the Killing Fields.... Every morning there s a casualty. Yesterday a large pigeon ripped apart, head missing Would a sparrowhawk take the head off a pigeon? The day before, a rabbit quite mutilated. I'm beginning to wonder if there is a fox around. Daughter has two cats but she doesn't think that they were involved in the demise of the pigeon because there was a lot of blood around and no sign of blood on the cats. This morning, a baby sparrow. I'm beginning to be worried about the two cats. Hope not a fox. Has anyone any thoughts ?
  • We're back again, still in one piece. Some hairy moments as we were stuck in a queue of traffic, and the motorbikes always think they can just merrily weave between us!

    Relieved to get home and find everything OK - whilst we were away, I noticed on a local (to us, that is) Site that there was mention of some break ins. It seems that a gang arrived in the early hours of Sunday, ran through lots of gardens and stole everything they could from sheds, including lawnmowers, bikes and garden tools. Took things from all three of the roads adjacent to ours.

    We keep our most valuable tools in the garage, which is well locked.

    HEATHER, sounds like a Sparrowhawk, but could be a Fox, I suppose.

  • DIANE -- Sending you good energy, you sound as if you need it!