Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 5 May 2019


I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

  • Diane: Wonderful would be great; but I'll settle for a generally OK week. :-)
  • Annette: I'd settle for it to finally stop raining. Flooding in Indiana and catastrophic flooding all along the Mississippi River. Dozens of tornadoes in the Midwest/Ohio Valley, the plains, and the south this past week. Info here.

    BJane: I hope you're okay.

  • Diane: Dang. This is the news we miss when we're busy avoiding any possible mention of You Know Who, although I do recall seeing images of the tornadoes the other evening as I was passing through the living room. Do take care - bjane too..

  • Good Morning, and Happy New Week from me, too!! Thanks again to Diane for once again starting us off.

    Hope the tornadoes are not too fierce, and pass everyone by without too much damage.

    Sunny here, and although my OH is still feeling a little "off" he is off on a Golf Day at a golf course a few miles away. I'm going to enjoy a quiet day on my own, and will celebrate by mopping the kitchen floor!

    Also will be preparing for another trip to Wales next weekend, taking the new bargain chairs with us!


  • DIANE – Thank you for starting us off. I hope you have a great week with lots of critter friends.

    LINDA – I wonder if your OH would fancy a game of golf here. Details of the holes here.

  • Love it, AQ! -- will show my OH your links when he returns. I did hear about people playing in the snow and ice, but that's a new one!

    Sunny but chilly here: I fed the birds and cleaned out their feeders. I have to be wary as we have seen rats lately (I daren't tell the neighbours, some of them would be nervous!) I even sent Bonnie out into the garden the other day as I spied a rat in the flower border, but she looked everywhere else before finally scenting it, by which time it was gone! But they've certainly been using our bird feeders and probably everyone else's round here. So now I don't put anything on the ground, and I've hung some of the feeders on very thin branches of the apple tree.

    Must go and check our emails as I've not had time to do it for two days....


  • Thank you, DIANE!
    LINDY- the rats must be nesting somewhere near your house, surely? I'm no expert but bird food alone wouldn't keep them going, would it? Maybe a neighbour or a farm near you is supporting them.
    Quiet day here but grandson has arrived to wash and clean his car and raid my cupboards. I buy things to put in the cupboards for hungry grandchildren! As you do.
  • Well what a mixed bag of weather and we were hoping for good weather to spread the very large rubble sack of wood chip around a large terrace of conifers but we seemed to find lots to do around the house yesterday instead.
    Today we had a large ( I mean large and I am sure Heather will vouch for it) load of logs delivered. Log store is my domain and no men allowed to make sure it stays tidy and stock rotation maintained. So got stacking and once I started I knew I would have to finish. Which I did just as it started to rain. I can see an early night coming on. So a lovely soak in the bath followed by a welcome G and T.
    Looking forward to youngest arriving next Saturday apart from her flight getting in at 8.30am so no lie in that day :-))
  • Oh yes, you certainly had a huge lot of logs to stack, WENDY! Feet up and a large G and T sounds a good idea.
    My eldest daughter and husband are away each day over the holiday weekend at the Speyside Whisky Festival. Different distilleries each day.
    • Oh the what I call anoraks are up and down regularly..
      I am sure your daughter is what I call an enjoyer..
      I did 5 years doing those weekend tours and why some ever did them I am not sure as they were convinced they knew more than me... but at least they spent well .