Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 17 February 2019

  • Great view of the Norwich cathedral Peregrine at the moment

  • Bumping up this thread. No time to say much - hope everyone is okay!
  • Thanks for the Peregrine link, Harelady. They're lovely birds. Not in residence at the moment, though!

    Fell asleep in my chair this afternoon, and missed a chance to go to visit my Friend G. Hope to see her in the next couple of days.
  • In reply to Original Goldfinch and Eagle-eye:

    Oh, dear. On the streaming news online, I just heard that a snow storm State of Emergency has been declared in the area of Arizona where Annette's family lives. I know Annette said that the schools were closed and her family members were holed up indoors, so I'm assuming that they're okay. I also saw that it snowed in Los Angeles. That's just plain weird. 

    Hi, all. 

  • Good Morning. Bright here. Worrying for Annette, Diane, but hopefully the snow might be short lived. I see that I mentioned Las Vegas yesterday when I meant Los Angeles!! - I must have been tired!

    They're still showing very moving reports here of the Fly Past yesterday in Sheffield, to honour the ten US airmen who lost their lives 75 years ago. Amazing how many thousands of people turned out.
  • In reply to Diane in Indiana:

    I just got an email from ANNETTE. She was having trouble logging into this site, but she said that her family in Arizona are all okay.

    LINDY: It snowed in both Las Vegas and Los Angeles, so you were correct.

    I forgot to turn off my heater before I turned on the toaster oven tonight. They overwhelmed my electrical system and put the lights out. Because I live back in the woods surrounded by tall trees, there's no light from other sources back here. So I had to walk carefully in the total darkness, feeling my way around, until I found my cell phone. That gave me enough light (barely) to find my flashlight/torch. That gave me enough light to get to the electrical box and reset everything. My electrical system is very old, and I was praying that the lights would come back on. I was massively relieved when they did. LOL!!!
  • Don't worry if you weren't able to log in yesterday. I saw on the Community page that there was an outage due to a problem on the server site that hosts this website.
  • DIANE - Saw that the site was unavailable part of yesterday - glad it wasn't just me! Thanks for letting us know that Annette's AZ family are okay. Pleased your electrical reset worked!

    Had a busy day yesterday, with Fix IT Guy almost finishing the path! He should finish that today and start on the turf-laying job. Council person came to inspect ramp, so I have paid my share over - on my card of course to get a month "free"!. Also seemed to have a plethora of phone calls - mostly useful ones arranging various things. OH started prepping walls of his built-in wardrobe and corner of dining room - now torn between finishing that and gardening on this fine Saturday!
  • DIANE - Ditto from here, I gave up trying. Glad you got your electrics sorted. Now have to Google toaster oven...…I'm happy to read that ANNETTE is OK.

    OG - Mr Fix it seems to have done a good and fast job. Weird weather here, 13 degrees last night! My brother was most put out when I told him, he is always boasting about his warmer weather in Brittany. And yes, my friend was estranged from her daughter but they are now reconciled, if somewhat uneasily. The only problem now is that her two children are still not speaking to each other.

    LINDY - I have been thinking about G.

    Now to do some shopping. After only a week my back pain has almost gone. I count myself as being very fortunate.

    LYNETTE - when I want new specs I trawl all the opticians shops to find a pair that I think (!) suit me and then book my eye test with them.
  • In reply to Original Goldfinch and Eagle-eye:

    Heather: A toaster oven is a small free-standing oven that sits on the counter top. It has room to bake a medium-sized pizza, or a sandwich, or a small casserole, or a quiche, or a small meatloaf, or some muffins. They usually have settings to bake, broil, or toast foods. They are quicker and much more economical than heating up a full-sized oven for small baking jobs, especially for single people like me. I'm not sure what you call them across the pond. Pics HERE.

    EDIT: I think maybe you call them a "mini oven."