Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 17 February 2019

  • DIANE - Yes, we call them mini ovens or sometimes toaster ovens. Very useful for students who don't have a proper oven and as you say, for single people: my Uncle had one and he was very fond of it as it saved him putting on his big stove when he just wanted to heat up a pie. Microwaves are not the same for that sort of thing, they make the pastry soggy.
    I would have one if I had room on my counter top for another gadget! Got too many gadgets already. I was sorry to hear about your drama of all the electrics going off, but at least you knew what to do. Hope you don't do it again!!

    Just spoke at length to my Friend G and she is very poorly. She has lost so much weight that her OH is very worried. They have an appointment at The Christie for Wednesday, and her daughter is travelling up to be there on that day and hear what is being discussed.
  • ps Its glorious here with bright sunshine and the birds are singing like crazy. My OH has just mowed the lawn.
  • DIANE- I looked via your link, thank you! I remember something called a Baby Belling, from years ago. This must be the modern version?
    LINDY - I'm sorry to hear the latest news about G, but not entirely surprised. Sending hugs xxx
  • HEATHER - Fix It didn't do so well - started on the turf and messed up with the levels! Not sure when he will return. But he did do a good job on the path.

    LINDA - sorry about G's deterioration. Hope you can see her soon.

    Lovely morning sunshine has gone - quite a grey afternoon, but spent some time outside regrouping pots which were just "put" on the deck, and discussing further developments. Washing is still outside, and OH is busy out there still - currently (no pun intended) fastening the socket for the water feature which had come loose. Got to buy a new one this year - plain, and nothing fussy (no twee birdies or Victorian children) but with plenty of bathing space for Starlings and Sparrows. He'll be completing shelf fittings in his wardrobe after we have some coffee.

    Hoping we shall both get to church tomorrow morning, then another day balancing indoors and out!
  • Diane: Glad it was the site that was "off" and not me. Our electrical wiring in the house isn't old, but there's an oddity in that if I put the small space heater on in the bedroom and OH has his little one under his desk on, it blows a fuse. Glad yours came on again with no hassle. Our ancient house in Watford was always blowing fuses and we had to go down the cellar with a candle and replace the wire under the little screws to get things working again. Ah the good/bad old days.

    OG: I like days where things get done and others fall into place.

    Lindybird: Also not surprised that G is doing poorly.....I've always had a toaster oven; as Diane notes, they're much more economical than traditional ovens and the newer ones come with the convection option. Ours is older..    Yes, snow all over last week. We got a dusting on the peaks of the smaller range behind Santa Barbara.  Here in Fresno, near where my friends live, the Sierras have lots!

    Arizona family got more than 2' of snow and spent most of Thursday outside. They cleared a path to the horse shelters via the goat pen (chicken temporarily located to the garage), then granddaughter and Ms. built an igloo around the lower level of the play set (swings and slide) in the backyard while daughter supervised and took photos. They were very excited by so much snow, which isn't typical of their immediate location. Granddaughter managed to get her work truck (a serious four-wheel drive) out of the driveway and to the office, which impressed her boss mightily.

    Friends here are going through normal reactions after a death, but we had some good laughs yesterday too. Another old friend is driving up from Los Angeles today. They are having a memorial get-together at the family home (lovely old house surrounded by acres and acres of fruit trees and vines but in desperate need of TLC) at the end of March, so I'll be going to Arizona for Ms. D's 8th (gasp!) birthday and then back up here shortly thereafter.

    Off to hose down and see what kind of breakfast this hotel has on offer, then back to friends.

    Thanks all for news and chat. Take care


  • ANNETTE - sorry, I had completely missed that it was this weekend you are away in Fresno. Good of you to travel to meet up with friend and her family - sorry they have lost a family member.
  • I have been lurking most of this winter. We now have about 2 feet or more of snow on the ground and today it decided to rain. What a mess. I have a circular patio in back where my gas grill and decorative trees are. My son has had trouble finding a place for the snow so had started piling it in the circle. The rain has created snow dams and it is quite treacherous out there because the water has turned to ice . I had a nasty fall a month ago and ended up with 2 black eyes and a neanderthal forehead. My entire face and eyes swelled up and my cheeks turned black. I am just now looking a bit more "normal". I may have trouble with my knee in the future but I shall wait on that to see if it improves on it's own. Sorry for the long post but I have enjoyed all your news and am sorry for not responding . Glad to see OG is back....
  • Oh, goodness me, BJANE I'm so sorry to hear about your fall. Its not a good look, is it, when you have 2 black eyes? Glad you've been able to post, and hope that you feel better soon. Hope you can stand to have a gentle HUG from me. Mind how you go in all that bad weather, or you'll be off your feet again!

    I meant to say that I also had trouble trying to get in here yesterday: got a lot of strange messages about the Site being unavailable etc., so something was going on.

    ANNETTE, enjoy your trip even though its for a sad reason. Sorry your friend lost a relative.

    OG : Nice to hear that you have progress in the garden and partial progress in the house! Enjoy the nice weather this weekend.

    We are off to sis-in-laws house tomorrow for a big lunch she is throwing for family and friends, I'm looking forward to doing some catching up. Another reason I can't see Friend G, as we will be there for most of the day. Also, today she had so many visitors I said I would not go myself as it would add to the crowds! So I will probably catch up with her on Monday next.
  • Just been reading through all the news.
    Lindybird - sorry to hear about your friend, lets hope the prognosis isn't too bad although things don't look bright from what you said.
    OG - glad you've had some success with Mr. Fix-it. Have a good weekend.
    Annette - looks like you're having a good time with friends. Hope the snow keeps away.
    BJane - sorry to hear about your fall, do hope you are beginning to feel a lot better. Hope the memorial service goes well.

    Enjoy your weekend, all and let's hope the good weather stays with us for a little longer. Daffs, snowdrops, all coming up and making a good display even if it is only February.


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